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The GGAC History web site was created in association with the Golden Gate Area Council Boy Scouts of America.  We are dedicated to preserving the rich history of Bay Area Scouting with respect to the Golden Gate Area Council and its legacy councils:  San Francisco Bay Area Council, Alameda Council, Mt. Diablo Silverado Area Council and their legacy councils: Oakland Area Council, San Francisco Council, Mt Diablo Council, Silverado Council, Berkeley Council, Contra Costa Council, Napa Council and their camps and leaders.  


The information on this site has been gathered from the historical archives of the SFBAC as well as from numerous Scouts, Scouter’s, campers and organizations dedicated to preserving the history and memorabilia of Scouting. 


If you have any comments or suggestions on how this site can be improved let us know, as your ideas are greatly appreciated.  Additionally, if you have any local Bay Area Scouting history that you would like to share with others (photographs, camp history, Memorabilia) please contact us:  [email protected]

Special Thanks

Our special thanks goes out to the following individuals and organizations who have contributed to this site:

Steve Kline – Research, History, Website Development

Joann Sebastian – Bay Area Scouter, SFBAC Information

Don Wilkinson – Machek N’Gult Lodge, Oakland Area Council, Dimond-O

Craig Leighty – Order of the Arrow Information

Mark Clevenger – Golden Gate Council Patch Images

Joe Remlinger (In memory) – Dimond-O Information

Durland Skinner (In memory) – MIWOK information, Dimond-O Information

Scott Rodgers – Royaneh Information

Bill Parker (In memory) – Camp Meek Information

Tim Buchen – SFBAC Archives

Jason Lewis – SFBAC Archives

Charles Howard-Gibbon – SFBAC, Alameda Information

Ray Sutliff – Photographs, Camp Dimond information

Jay Oakman – Oakland Area Council Patch Segments, Brownsea information

Bill Heinze (In memory) – Camp Wente, Camp Royaneh information

Heather Mellon – Hayward Area Historical Society

Lew Gardner (In memory) – Dimond-O Information

Jerry Abad (In memory) – Dimond-O Information

Linda Hamilton – Historian, Oakland Rotary Club

Adam Lombard – Oakland and San Francisco Camp Patch Image collection

Alan O’Conner – San Francisco Council Bulletins, 1939-1949

Steven Welch – Quartermaster Ship 22, Sea Scout Information

Bryan Moynihan – Knights of Dunamis information (in memory of Ken Moynihan)

Keith “Uncle Buck” McColm – Russian Gulch Information

Karen Pahler – SFBAC Council President Information

Fred Manns – San Francisco Council Information

Dave Johnson – Camp Loomer Information

Bob Alberts – Camp Moore images (In memory of Fred Alberts)

Lois Kline – Camp Royaneh Genealogical research (thanks Mom!)

Jim Bowles – Former Lodge Chief of Machek N’Gult

Dave Minnihan – Royaneh Lodge, San Francisco Council Information

John Packer – Golden Acorn Troop 220 – MIWOK Information

Joe Ehrman III (In memory) – Lilienthal, KOD & San Francisco Council Information

Larry Teshara (In memory) – Royaneh, Lilienthal, Royaneh Lodge Information

Alto “Al” Moorbrink (In Memory) – Camp Royaneh Beltloop Images

Richard Pitman – Troop 76 – Camp Dimond pictures

David Miura – Knights of Dunamis Chapter information

Orion E Hill – Knights of Dunamis Chapter/Conference History (1975)

Ed Totman (Camp Dimond, Miwok, 1942-1950) – Miwok Map, Dimond-O Images

Barbara Myer Klein – Arthur H. (Pie) Myer information

Charles O’Malley (Royaneh Kitchen Staff 1951) – Images of Royaneh

John Shaw – Memorabilia images from Legacy Councils

Jim Conrad – Hiking Trail Information, Boy Scout Trail Memorabilia Collectors

Scott Gaddis – Alameda Council Information

The Camp Timberwolf Improvement Committee – Camp Timberwolf Information

Oakland Tribune – News Articles 1910 – Present

Oakland Library History Room

UC Berkeley Water Resources Library – Willits Scout Dam information

United States Forest Service Land Use History – Dimond-O information


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