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Award Recipients (All Councils)

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The Golden Gate Area council has a rich history that dates back over 100 years to the founding of our Legacy Councils.  Over the years, council members have received local and national recognition for their services to the local Scout Council.  The list below indicates the recipients of the various awards that have been given.  

Silver Beaver:  The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is a council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered Scouters who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given at the council level.

Silver Buffalo:  The Silver Buffalo Award, created in 1925, is bestowed upon those who give truly noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth. This award, Scouting’s highest commendation, recognizes the invaluable contributions that outstanding American men and women render to youth. The service must be national or international in character and may or may not be directly connected with the BSA.

Silver Antelope:  The Silver Antelope award was created in 1942 and is a distinguished service award presented by the Boy Scouts of America region for service to young people. 

Silver Fawn:  The Silver Fawn Award, presented from 1971 to 1974, was the female version of the council-level Silver Beaver Award. It was discontinued in 1974 when both women and men became eligible to earn the Silver Beaver. In all, 2,455 women received the honor in the award’s three years of existence.

Founders Award (Order of the Arrow):  The Founder’s Award is a National award was first introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)and honors Arrowmen in the Order of the Arrow (OA) for unselfish service above and beyond their normal duties to their lodge. 

Distinguished Service Award (Order of the Arrow):  The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a national award and was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to Arrowmen, youth and adult, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is presented at National Order of the Arrow Conferences.

Centurion Award (Order of the Arrow):  The Centurion Award was a National one time award presented in 2015 to those arrowman who contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local Order of the Arrow lodge.

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA):  is the highest honor for Eagle Scouts.  The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) was established in 1969 by the National Eagle Scout Association to recognize Eagle Scouts who achieve extraordinary national-level recognition, fame, or eminence within their profession and/or service to the nation and have a strong record of voluntary service to their community.  Stringent criteria begin with a minimum of 25 years “Time in Service” from the official record date an Eagle rank was earned.   That requirement was determined by the average time most nominees need to establish a career, earn peer recognition, awards, fame/eminence, and other factors that are considered for DESA selection. A committee comprised of Distinguished Eagle Scouts carefully reviews all nominations and determines selections. When time permits, the committee may provide feedback on nominations that may receive further, future consideration.  It is one of only two BSA awards given to adults that is dependent upon the recipient’s having been awarded Eagle Scout as a youth; the other is the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA).

Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (OESA):  The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. The National Eagle Scout Association established the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) to commemorate the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary in 2010.  Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA), which is a national award, the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact closer to home.

NESA Distinguished Service Award (NDSA):  The NESA Distinguished Service Award is to recognize those Eagle Scouts who have given a lifetime of extraordinary leadership and service nationally to NESA, resulting in a significant impact on a national or territorial level. It is awarded for dedicated service over a sustained period of years to NESA, promotion of Eagle Scouting, staying active or returning to Scouting, and/or promoting/helping young people earning the rank of Eagle Scouts.

1930Charles C. MooreCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1931Julius CahnSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1931George CushingOaklandSilver Beaver
1931Eugene C. ElliotOaklandSilver Beaver
1931W. Otto EmersonOaklandSilver Beaver
1931Hebert HauserLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1931William B. HermsBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1931Abe LeachOaklandSilver Beaver
1931Harry LevinsonCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1931Vaughen MacCaugheySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1931John McGregor*San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1931Abel W. PorterAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1931Robert G. SproulBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1931W. Barclay Stephens, Dr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1932Howard D. AinsworthOaklandSilver Beaver
1932Samual ClarkeSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1932Harry KahnLake MercedSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1932William R. MaringOaklandSilver Beaver
1932T. B. SwiftBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1932Perry T. TomkinsBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1932Frank TurnerCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1932William WollnerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1933Elmer Bickford.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1933Harry ClarkeOaklandSilver Beaver
1933Ray GlassleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1933J. D. KeithBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1933Percy S. King, JudgeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1933O. George LakeAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1933Max LilienthalSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1933Bryon McDonaldSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1933John McGregor*San FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1933C. J. O’ConnorAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1933Wallace S. Wood*Berkeley CCSilver Beaver
1934Constant AugerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1934John BrennanOaklandSilver Beaver
1934Frank V. CornishBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1934Harold CozzensOaklandSilver Beaver
1934Marcus FlohrSilveradoSilver Beaver
1934Franklin H. Locke, Dr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1934G. H. MillerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1934Arthur MyerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1934George Richardson, Dr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1935Dudley BeesonSea ScoutsOaklandSilver Beaver
1935Thomas G. GrayBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1935Clarence Kennedy, RevSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1935T. D. KilkennySilveradoSilver Beaver
1935Norman LivermoreSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1935H. C. MacauleyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1935Harold PriceSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1935W. O. StephensOaklandSilver Beaver
1935John WilburOaklandSilver Beaver
1936Edward AlbertAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1936J. J. BeatyOaklandSilver Beaver
1936Clarence F. GeorgeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1936W. D. HillBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1936Ernest HueterCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1936Ralph MadeleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1936James M. RaneySilveradoSilver Beaver
1936William ShermanSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1936John Silva, RevLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1936George TurnerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1936Clarence WhitneyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1937Charles E. AdamsBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1937Leslie R. DowSilveradoSilver Beaver
1937Harold GarrardBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1937Gardner HartOaklandSilver Beaver
1937Joseph A. KellySilveradoSilver Beaver
1937John McCallumSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1937Alfred B. MorrisOaklandSilver Beaver
1937Edward RaineySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1937Jim W. RobisonOaklandSilver Beaver
1937Vernon E. ThorpeAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1937Theodore J. TreadwaySilveradoSilver Beaver
1937Will WehserSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1938Don AubertineSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1938Walter C. BedellBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1938Dan BosschartSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1938Clarence coleOaklandSilver Beaver
1938Ernest GallowaySilveradoSilver Beaver
1938E. Harry LevyAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1938J. Harold Piatt, Dr.Berkeley CCSilver Beaver
1938Karl RigorOaklandSilver Beaver
1938Chester WeaverLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1938Fernando YbarraSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1939Kenneth R. CunninghamAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1939Lew GardnerLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1939Morton Gibbons, Dr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1939A. B. HinkleyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1939Colin HoustonSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1939E. J. LawlessOaklandSilver Beaver
1939Willis MahoneySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1939Henry G. Mathewson, ColAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1939Henry PohndorfSilveradoSilver Beaver
1939L. T. ThompsonOaklandSilver Beaver
1939Irving B. WaterburyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1939Charles M. WolfeBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1940Mathew BaileySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1940Paul R. DavisBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1940Walter DickeyOaklandSilver Beaver
1940W. Harold FarquarOaklandSilver Beaver
1940Judge Fretz, JudgeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1940Charles G. HydeBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1940George JonesSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1940Eugene P. KirganSilveradoSilver Beaver
1940H. Louis MathewsonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1940Julius OrozocoOaklandSilver Beaver
1940Loran RivesSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1941H. B. BradfordLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1941James D. BrownleeSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1941W. H. CoxAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1941Stafford DunlapBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1941Harry FowdenBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1941K. Leroy HammanOaklandSilver Beaver
1941Dean McCluskey, Dr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1941Walter McLeanOaklandSilver Beaver
1941Alexander Roberts, Dr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1941Sidney K. RosenthalBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1941Albert C. RuedyOaklandSilver Beaver
1941George Steiger, JudgeSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1942Edware L. AllaireLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1942Milton BroodingLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1942A. F. GlaiveBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1942Hilary HelsleySilveradoSilver Beaver
1942Sam V. KetchumBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1942Ching Wah LeeSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1942John PerliteSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1942Louis E SchuesslerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1942Homer R. SpenceAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1942Chas WeinshenkSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1943Russell CameronSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1943Laurence DalcietSilveradoSilver Beaver
1943Herber HumberSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1943Herbert L. HunnBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1943Raymond L. Knight, Dr.Berkeley CCSilver Beaver
1943John B. MacielOaklandSilver Beaver
1943Edward H. PitcherOaklandSilver Beaver
1943Frank SimasOaklandSilver Beaver
1943George W. SkellsAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1943Irwin SmithSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1944Eugene BlockCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1944Richard D. BoyerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1944Fred BreglerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1944Harry FleddermanOaklandSilver Beaver
1944Richard GlissmanOaklandSilver Beaver
1944Guy R. KennedySilveradoSilver Beaver
1944William PenberthyOaklandSilver Beaver
1944E. W. ThrallBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1944Lloyd Van AukenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1944William J. WadsworthAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1945Erwin Becker, RevSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1945George BudgenBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1945Enoch W. CrozerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1945Manseld W. GarrattAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1945Harold L. GrahamBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1945Richard LaistCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1945James LandLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1945Herman LefflerOaklandSilver Beaver
1945Howard MartinLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1945Charles K. ParkerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1945Carl ShearerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1946A. Frank Bray, JudgeCouncilBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1946Robert ClarkeCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1946John D. CochraneSilveradoSilver Beaver
1946Randolph CrouseBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1946Oscar GeballeCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1946William HermsCouncilMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1946Elmer IsaksonLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1946Alfred Mabey, Sr.Berkeley CCSilver Beaver
1946Walter MinkelSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1946J. Paul MohrSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1946Frank Ogden, JudgeOaklandSilver Beaver
1946Edwin B. Pierce, Dr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1946Earl W. ShriberAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1946Phillip SouzaMission PeakOaklandSilver Beaver
1946William StoneOaklandSilver Beaver
1947John BeaberLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1947Herbert H. BlasdaleBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1947Albert Boles, Dr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1947Harold BoydLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1947Theodore A. CulverSilveradoSilver Beaver
1947Carl A. FrancoSilveradoSilver Beaver
1947Stephen Gaal, Jr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1947Nick LopinaSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1947William G. PadenAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1947Frederick SquiresSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1947Lester StewartLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1947A. L. SusiniBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1947Ben TesharaSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1947Rufus A. TynerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1948Robert AllenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1948Robert (Bob) AninoSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1948Harold BennerLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1948Fred BryantAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1948George BurtonLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1948Leo CallagahnTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1948Charles ElberlingSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1948Ruehen Brooks HaleSan FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1948Peter LandeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1948Harold W. LyonsBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1948James C. MarshallSilveradoSilver Beaver
1948Joseph NaplesSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1948Robert A. RonaldBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1948Eugene W. SmithBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1948Ted WilsonWest DistrictOaklandSilver Beaver
1949Kenneth K. BechtelCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1949Lee Y. DeanSilveradoSilver Beaver
1949Eben B. EllisBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1949William GilmoreOaklandSilver Beaver
1949E. C. HinckleyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1949Peer LandeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1949Mort R. LewisOaklandSilver Beaver
1949Joesph ManildiOaklandSilver Beaver
1949James C MarshallSilveradoSilver Beaver
1949Edward McfaddenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1949Ian E. McLaughlinBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1949Albert H. Mott, Jr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1949Ray SchulzLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1949Robert SimmonsSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1949William TurpenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1949Miles H. YoungSilveradoSilver Beaver
1950Kenneth K. BechtelCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1950Donald CaplingAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1950Duncan A. CurrieBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1950R. N. CuttsBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1950Fred DuffieOaklandSilver Beaver
1950Joseph H. HendersonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1950Eugene LasartemayLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1950Carlos LastretoSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1950P. Tremain LoudCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1950Cliff MendellOaklandSilver Beaver
1950Harvey MichelSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1950Edward M. O'NealOaklandSilver Beaver
1950Edwin S. PillsburyBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1950H. R. Quinney, Dr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1950Archie H. ReadBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1950Delmar SniderLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1951Rolland AdamsLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1951Wilbur BarnesLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1951F. Jud BiglowBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1951Herbert W. BouckeBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1951A. Frank Bray, JudgeCouncilBerkeley CCSilver Antelope
1951Ted E. DarchAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1951Paul DeAlvaOaklandSilver Beaver
1951George HardingSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1951Leslie HeafeyLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1951John HeddenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1951Frank JosephBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1951Ernest Lum, Dr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1951Alexander McBirneySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1951Edward O'NeillSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1951Conrad ReisingerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1951George N. TuckerBerkeley CCSilver Beaver
1951Herbert Ward, Dr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1951Elbert D. YoungSilveradoSilver Beaver
1952Tsuneichiro (Bob) BabaCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1952Peter E. EricksenSilveradoSilver Beaver
1952Kenneth HargreavesAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1952Ray HenryOaklandSilver Beaver
1952Errol LaneMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1952J. Stueard MaherSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1952Alexander L. MercredySilveradoSilver Beaver
1952Leonard MosiasSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1952Allen Norris, JudgeCouncil BoardOaklandSilver Beaver
1952Gilson TalmadgeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1952George TruittMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1952Ellis WeiskersunsetOaklandSilver Beaver
1952Wilfred WestSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1952Merritt L. WinchellSilveradoSilver Beaver
1952William C. WirthMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1952Herman WoodTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1952Bruce ZimmermanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1952Edwin ZittlemanLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1953Julian AdamsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1953Robert Adams, Dr.LakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1953Suren H. Babington*, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1953Norman S. BuellMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1953Carlye CorsonSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1953James FaganSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1953Charles ForbesSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1953Virgil GroveLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1953E. Henderson, Dr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1953Alfred HopkinsSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1953Warren HunzikerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1953E. Harold LangdonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1953Joseph LinggiOaklandSilver Beaver
1953Lorry LongoOaklandSilver Beaver
1953Walter MichelsSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1953Albert E. MoorheadSilveradoSilver Beaver
1953Harold PetersonLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1954Gordon C. Ashbee, RevSilveradoSilver Beaver
1954Paul Cronenwett, Dr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1954Herman Edward DikeSan FranciscoOA-Distinguished Service Award
1954Robert FischerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1954Gordon FountainLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1954Henry GallTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1954William GoldenOaklandSilver Beaver
1954Marlin HaleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1954Elwin LeTendreMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1954P. Tremain LoudCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1954George M. MardikianCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1954Fred D. MorseMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1954Gordan PomeroyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1954Leo Powleson, RevSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1954Edward M. ReadMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1954Lloyd F. SmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1954Casimir StevenotSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1954Carl F. WenteSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1954Walter L. WoodardSilveradoSilver Beaver
1954Harold WorleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1955Samuel E. AllenSilveradoSilver Beaver
1955Frank O. BellSilveradoSilver Beaver
1955Ted K. ClevelandMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1955Maurice CouchotAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1955Leonard DavisSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1955Raymond Eng, Dr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1955Joseph FelixMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1955Ira FenderOaklandSilver Beaver
1955Halbert Fillinger, Col.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1955Ralph C. HallMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1955A. T. HandleyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1955C. Russell HanleySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1955Otto HintermanSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1955George M. MardikianCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1955Robert MatheisonCouncil BoardOaklandSilver Beaver
1955John NesbittSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1955Donald H. ParceMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1955Larry PineOaklandSilver Beaver
1955Fred SchoettlerLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1955William SkillingLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1956John AinsworthMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1956George BoxerSunsetSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1956Charles BrewerTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Robert BurnsteinOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Archie M. BuysMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1956Warren R. ClarkSilveradoSilver Beaver
1956Joseph Ehrman IIIGolden GateSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1956Glen T. GleasonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1956David JacobyLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Raymond L. KeaySilveradoSilver Beaver
1956Charles O. King, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1956Donald KirkbrideLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Ralph E. LaneAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1956Raymond MarksSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1956Tom Milan, JudgeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1956Fred Mills, Sr.Council BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1956Edward Pennell, RevLake MercedSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1956William RenoTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Joseph TaylorOaklandSilver Beaver
1956Charles WoodruffSea ScoutsSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Eric Max BergtraunSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Irving BigelowSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Augustus F. FoleySilveradoSilver Beaver
1957Aubrey HackshawLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1957William HamiltonLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1957Warren HardingOaklandSilver Beaver
1957Walter HellerSan FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1957Harry KatsuyamaSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Edgar NewlonSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Ralph N. RawsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1957Gus RobertsonOaklandSilver Beaver
1957Leland RussMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1957Milton SapiroSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1957Jo A. ShockeyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1957Philip H. SlaterMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1957Lawrence StegmillerLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1957Cyril R. TurnerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1957Donald C. VanceSilveradoSilver Beaver
1957F. H. WesslingAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1957Thomas WilliamsLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Del AndersonOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Kenneth K. BechtelCouncil BoardSan FranciscoOA-Distinguished Service Award
1958Homer BemissOaklandSilver Beaver
1958David BlairSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958David ChaptonOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Glen E. DavidsonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1958Paul EhretTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1958B. Reede HardmanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1958Joe HegemanAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1958Walter HellerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958Jack M. HoughSilveradoSilver Beaver
1958Wesley HowellGolden GateSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958Duncan H. KnudsenMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1958Donald McKay, Sr.LakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Edward MiramontesMission TrailsSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958Edwin S. PillsburyMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1958Glenn L. RubrightMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1958Eugene SerpaTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Lawrence StewartLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1958Howard StitesSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958Ken TakahashiGolden GateSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1958Raymond Van TassellMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1958Solomon Weil, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959Colin R. BiggsSilveradoSilver Beaver
1959Paul BrayOaklandSilver Beaver
1959Chester CarlsenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1959William CarmignaniSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1959Harry DavisAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1959Herbert DiGraziaTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1959Robert FisherSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1959Ralph O. FoxMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959C. Russell GraffMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959Melvin Henningsen, Dr.CharrowoodOaklandSilver Beaver
1959Alymer HusseyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959Ray LewisLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1959George M. MardikianCouncil BoardSan FranciscoSilver Buffalo
1959George MullenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1959Don S. PearceSilveradoSilver Beaver
1959William RalphOaklandSilver Beaver
1959Bernard Rocca, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959John RossiSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1959George TruittMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1959Albert WaringMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1959Carl F. WenteSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960Lloyd BlairTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Ted BlockleySan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960Clifford BrooksSunsetOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Frank BrunnerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960Thomas K. ClarkeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960William J. FredericksonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960George L. GatesMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960Harry GoodwaterSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960William S. GronningSilveradoSilver Beaver
1960Charles HadsellSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960Alf HermansenSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1960Jordan F. HiratzkaMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960Robert R. JamesSilveradoSilver Beaver
1960Lowell W. KunzeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960Gordon R. MacPhersonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1960Virgil McIntoshTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1960C. Dean RamsdenAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1960Clark RedekerOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Wilson RoseTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Charles A. RummelOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Harry WardLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1960Ted WoodsTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1961Harry BrooksLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1961Edward BrownLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1961Delbert CarmanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961Paul EhretOaklandSilver Antelope
1961Harold N. Geistweit, Dr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1961William T. GibsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961Arnold K. GreenSilveradoSilver Beaver
1961Thomas J. HillMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961Ralph D. Kirk, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961William McAfeeSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1961William E. McLainMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961Paul Meier, Sr.OaklandSilver Beaver
1961William N. NationsAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1961King Parker, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1961Wallace PondOaklandSilver Beaver
1961John SamterSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1961Theodore E. StiewigSilveradoSilver Beaver
1961Nobuo TabataSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Harold Bakker, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1962Robert BlackChabotOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Leo CecaciOaklandSilver Beaver
1962E. Leith ChaseLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Edward A. CongdonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1962Paul CrockettLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Joseph A. DeMariaMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1962Ferdie DockterOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Sherman DonnellSunsetOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Harold EnglishTres RanchosOaklandSilver Beaver
1962Leonard G. GillespieAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1962Charles Goebel, Jr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Alan E. GoodbanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1962Walter HaasSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962James Hamrock, Jr.San FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Gordon HibbinsSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Richard A. HylandSilveradoSilver Beaver
1962James R. KellySilveradoSilver Beaver
1962John KinertSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Louis LaggerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1962Casey McGoffOaklandSilver Beaver
1962James E. SmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1962Charles WintroathMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Raymond Arveson, Dr.SouthOaklandSilver Beaver
1963Lee BaccusTwin ValleyOaklandSilver Beaver
1963George BakerSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963Alfred BelotzLake MercedSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963Russell H. BlanchardMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963David W. Calfee, JudgeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Ray N. ClarkSilveradoSilver Beaver
1963William F. Dean, Maj Gen.Mt DiabloSilver Antelope
1963Randal F. Dickey, Jr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1963Michael J. FitzgeraldSilveradoSilver Beaver
1963Lewis FreitasCastleOaklandSilver Beaver
1963Norman A. Gregg, JudgeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Clayton HanveyMclaren ParkSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963Timothy HurdleGolden GateSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963William Knowland, Sen.Member at LargeOaklandSilver Beaver
1963Frank MerrimanGolden GateSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963Merrick ReesLakeOaklandSilver Beaver
1963Frank RizzoArroyoOaklandSilver Beaver
1963E. Morton SchaffranMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Edward Soule, Jr.Council BoardSan FranciscoSilver Beaver
1963W. D. (Dill) ThomasMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Joseph Viera, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Clayton WannamakerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1963Gustav WittkoppSouthOaklandSilver Beaver
1964Carl Allen, JudgeMember at LargeSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Donald BenedictLake MercedSFBACSilver Beaver
1964A. Frank Bray, JudgeCouncilMt DiabloSilver Buffalo
1964John D. ChamberlinSilveradoSilver Beaver
1964Thomas ChinnMember at LargeSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Robert DornanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Herbert FosterMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Wilfred GarnkleAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1964W. Arthur HechtMember at LargeSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Stanley HunnMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Milton JacobsRedwoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Nick KatzemayerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Victor L. LindbladMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Charles Meyer, Gen.Member at LargeSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Patrick G Moriaty, RevSunset WestSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Cornelius O'NeillCentralSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Henry SchierenbergArroyoSFBACSilver Beaver
1964William ScottSunset EastSFBACSilver Beaver
1964Rawlings S. W. SimonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Johnny SkidmoreSilveradoSilver Beaver
1964Charles H. WarnerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1964Winston WinterbourneArroyoSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Glen A. BaxterAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1965Lester BodinLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Leonard C. DarwinMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965William F. Dean, Maj Gen.Live OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Fred DrexlerSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1965Robert EvansLake MercedSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Ben FurushoGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Herbert GraybealSilveradoSilver Beaver
1965Marion Walter KellyMclaren ParkSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Ralph Lloyd, Dr.CharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Morton LumGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Abe MittlerSunsetSFBACSilver Beaver
1965George A. NeilsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965Frank NocerinoMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965Alonzo (AB) OrdwayCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Durland Skinner*CharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1965Clarence F. SmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965Leonard R. SmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965Russell P. TyeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1965James F. WellingtonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1965Robert H. WrightMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Fran ArizuGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1966John A. AthansonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966William E. BeckMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Raymond BransonEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1966George ButlerLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1966James CorbettCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Arnold Crompton, Dr.Golden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Roger DayLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Roy EnglishLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Ross HeilSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Lester JohnstonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Roy KuraharaMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Albert LionbergerCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Robert MatheisonExecutiveSan FranciscoSilver Antelope
1966Anthony MonticelliEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1966Stanley MuellerAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1966Carl W. RehfussMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Marc Ricks, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966William ShacklefordMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1966Richard StockingerCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1966John WilliamsCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Peter J. AbernethyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Charles BroockEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Arthur Carfagni, Jr. , Dr.Sea ScoutsSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Robert M. Child, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Stanley FalkCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Lorenzo GiannottiMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Herman Hallbach, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Duncan H. KnudsenMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1967Ward KrebsCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Kenneth MacTavishGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Iwao MasudaMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Robert McFarland, Dr.Twin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1967John McGovernExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Arch Monson Jr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Donald PhalenExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Michael Rinna, Sr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1967Edwin RobertsGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1967James N. Shigley, Col.Golden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1967Thomas StraughenAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1967Hiram B. Wolf, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Donald ArnoldCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Igor R. BlakeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Edward P. BroglioMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Vincent A. ClemensMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968John E. ClunieSilveradoSilver Beaver
1968L. Eston DavisMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Ted GourlayEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1968L. Dean HeywoodCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Donald A. HookSilveradoSilver Beaver
1968Clinton L. HoweyAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1968Frederick B. Hulting, Jr.Golden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Herb JensenGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Plummer LatimerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Raymond P. MartinMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Herbert C. McCannSilveradoSilver Beaver
1968Arch Monson Jr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Antelope
1968Joseph L. RegnerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1968John RosshirtSunsetSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Joseph Sanford, Jr.Live OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Wilbur SlateCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Frank TakahashiMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1968Martin TriebwasserLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Floyd Van HoleLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1968Richard Wood, Dr.Mission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Martin AdamsLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Herbert ArmstrongCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1969William A. BordenMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969Raymond E. BuchmanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969George BurgeCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1969George DobelSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Henry T. EamesMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969Paul FietschGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Jack L. FourieSilveradoSilver Beaver
1969James W. Gearhart, Dr.Mission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Joseph HaightCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Grant HollinghausCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1969James InaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Alvin W. KidderAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1969Alvin W. KidderAlamedaAlamedaOA-Distinguished Service Award
1969James Lockie-BrownLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Donald McKay, Sr.Live OakSFBACSilver Antelope
1969James R. MooreMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969Ned NishimotoGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1969Floyd C. O’HaraSilveradoSilver Beaver
1969Albert C. OettingMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969Morris F. PoolMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1969Henry A. PoyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Frank BarrSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1970James BishopLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Walda BoxerSerraSFBACSilver Fawn
1970Manuel BrisenoMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Grace BroadusLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1970Simon BrownCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1970William E. BuchananMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Richard M. BunyardMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Barbara CarrollAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1970John EhrlichmanSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1970Henry FreundSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Kenneth GallowayMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Otto Graf, Jr.Mission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1970JoAnn HallmanTwin ValleySFBACSilver Fawn
1970Bert HersevoortTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1970Robert G. ImrieMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Walter Jebe, Sr.Golden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Ernest JermarkCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Stanley R. Larson, Lt. Gen.Council BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Howard LedererMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Carl A. Lionberger*, Sr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1970William MillsTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1970Roger PryorAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1970Stanley R. RichardsMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Wilma SanfordLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1970Eugene SheffieldGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Glenn A. SmithSilveradoSilver Beaver
1970James UrenGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Fletcher M. VaughnMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1970Sydney VaxGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1970Vernon VonheederCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1970John R. Walton, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Meta AdamsLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1971Jack AndersonCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Betty BellGolden GateSFBACSilver Fawn
1971Roy BrandenburgerSFBACSilver Beaver
1971William ClarkCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Kenneth D. Clifford, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Edward CossetteAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1971Carl DahlCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1971George DaskalosGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1971William F. Dean, Maj Gen.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Frank H. ForseySilveradoSilver Beaver
1971George GrayLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Willis HaskellSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Joseph Hendrickson, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Kei HoriSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Maurice H. "Bud" HoweMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Ross L. HuckinsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Nicke LoftusGolden GateSFBACSilver Fawn
1971Juanita LoweLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1971Melvin McCollumSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Leone G. McFarlandMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1971Thomas McManusCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Richard MeyerGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1971Arch Monson Jr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Buffalo
1971Bruce MosiasSFBACSilver Beaver
1971William T. NickersonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Neil L. PenningtonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1971William RoseTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1971Willard StacySFBACSilver Beaver
1971Donald C. WestgardMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1971Don WilkinsonExploringSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
1971Rose Ann WrightMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1972Yasuo Bill AkagiMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972Joan BlairTwin ValleySFBACSilver Fawn
1972James S. BrightMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972Benton CancellSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Robert ColcloughSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Eva DaskalosLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1972John L. Davis, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972Donald DondelingerSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Richard ElliottCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1972William Evans, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972William HatfieldRedwoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Virginia HoweMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1972Tadashi IshidaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Kenneth JacksonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1972May JenkinsGolden GateSFBACSilver Fawn
1972James JewellSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Dolly Strait LetoMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1972Harold LoweGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Mae MonroeLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1972Paul PredovicGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Ronald RenoTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1972Sheridan RomGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Albert SchmadekeEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Samual ScottMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1972Mildred M. SmylieSilveradoSilver Fawn
1972Wakefield Taylor, JudgeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972James WeberAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1972Alfred F. WeingartSilveradoSilver Beaver
1972Hans WendelMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972Charles WindMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1972Douglas J. WoodwardSilveradoSilver Beaver
1973Marge AceboAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1973Wyzee AnchetaSilveradoSilver Fawn
1973Frank AustenGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Stanley BlackGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Harold BruceSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Fred CastroSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Myron ChristySFBACSilver Beaver
1973Janeva L. CummingsMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1973Edward DavisSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Florence M. FustonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1973Peggy HendricksonMt DiabloSilver Fawn
1973Raymond L. KinneySilveradoSilver Beaver
1973William B. Kirkland, Jr.AlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1973William LawrenceSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Leroy C. MaclerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1973Euwell McCantsEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Walter McManisCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Owen MooreMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973Melvin J. NicholsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973Norris PopeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973John RodgersCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1973H. Pete SaugmanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973Arthur ScharlachMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973Mike StrainSea ScoutsSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Paul VinellaGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1973Jack B. WilliamsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1973Cecil WonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1973George C. WongMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Russell BarnecutCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Arthur L. BrownSilveradoSilver Beaver
1974Anthony BracciaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1974John CambraLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Gerald CarrMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1974Virginia Cheatham*Golden GateSFBACSilver Fawn
1974Genevieve DeanCharrowoodSFBACSilver Fawn
1974Thomas DeanSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Margeret DurhamCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Lucile DutraLive OakSFBACSilver Fawn
1974Joan U. EvensMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974John HallamTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1974Chester HoveyGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Ernest B. HueterGolden GateSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1974Shiz IchiyasuGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Dean JanneyMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Thornton JenkinsSunsetSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Phillip JohnsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Robert H. JohnsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Chester I. KimbleMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Richard LandisCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Arthur LloydCandlestickSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Ralph McColmCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Charles MekeelSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Robert R. MurdochMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974James OngGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Marion RichardsonGolden GateSFBACSilver Fawn
1974Kenneth S. RishellMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Perry RodinSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Robert SibleyGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1974Richard H. SmithSilveradoSilver Beaver
1974Donald J. SpivaSilveradoSilver Beaver
1974Frances TabbertSilveradoSilver Fawn
1974Lonnie Washington, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Loren D. WoodmanseeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1974Clair H. WrightSilveradoSilver Beaver
1974Yukio YamawakiAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1974John S. YoumansMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Viola H. AaserudeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Donald BarreauSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Robert BoyleCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Erin Patrick CarterSilveradoSilver Beaver
1975Theodore CondoCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Dean ConwayLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Irving EncinasCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Ronald A. EvensMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Robert FitzmauriceGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Charles B. GoldsmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975George HacklemanAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1975Oliver D. HaleMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Clifford HeintzSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Frank HeissMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Travers E. HilsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975A. Norman HopkinsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975J. Robt "Bob" KeatingMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Ronald LeeGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Thomas E. MartinMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Robert MenziesGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Joseph E. RaineyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1975Alvin RichardsTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1975Edward SharonSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Cleveland ThomasLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Reed WatersCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1975Albert R. WilliamsSilveradoSilver Beaver
1976Mildred ArmstrongGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Robert BarbeSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Chester BenderCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Kenneth R. BiscayMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Arthur J. ClarkMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Ruth DavisSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Lee R. HallSilveradoSilver Beaver
1976Samuel E. HoldenAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1976Jack M. Jensen, Dr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1976Kenneth KeltzSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Jack L. LeaseMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Paul LynchGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1976James J. MalmassariMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Pat B. MartinMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976James S. McClenahanMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976D. John McKinnonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Alice M. PohlMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976William M. SanfordMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1976Gerhard Schwaegerle*Twin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1976Roy ScolaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Gordon SoltauGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Lester R Steig, Dr.SFBACSilver Buffalo
1976Lester R Steig, Dr.SFBACNESA-Distinguished Service Award
1976Gordan ThymCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1976James W. Warner, Dr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1976Ray WeaverSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Charles WeissCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Tay YamaguchiCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1976Joseph ZippCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Stanley AltshularEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Lloyd BargerSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Lawrence BeechtreeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1977Edward BettencourtTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1977Win E. ChurchMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1977Thomas ColesCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Franz CollischonnAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1977Richard A. Du ValMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1977C. Lee EmersonCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1977John FranklinCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Manuel GarcezLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1977William GaylordExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Donald W. GibsonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1977John HayesCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Rev. Wilfred HodgkinAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1977Donald L. HoskinsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1977Gregory HydeGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Woody IchiyasuGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1977John Jackson, Dr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Harry KondaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Dewey McNeilCandlestickSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Stanley McPhersonGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Merle R. MorenoMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1977David NessMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Barbara NewberryMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Fred PrattSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Donald A. Read, Sr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1977Samual SchuckSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Albert StevensCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1977Carter S. WellsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1977Lee N. WilliamsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Victor AlexieAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1978Don L. Aton*SilveradoSilver Beaver
1978Erwin E. Bollinger, Rev.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1978Jack A. BordeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Paul Callahan, Dr.El CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Wm. E. CooperMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Dwight CowardinMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Roy DeLappeGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1978John J. FarleyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Allan FisherCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1978George HartleySouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1978William (Bill) LewisCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Carl MackGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Louis Mandrigues, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Jim McCauleySerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Tom PrestonLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Richard T. ReadyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1978Jerome SapiroSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Bill WallaceExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1978Ray WardCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1978David WarnerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1978Leonard WhitbredTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1978Donald L. WylieMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Arvid J. BlomdalSilveradoSilver Beaver
1979William BowerTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1979Arthur ChaseEl CaminoSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Leon M. ClontzMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Fred CrostwaiteMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Mary T. Du ValMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Anne Marie GrafMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Willard R. HamiltonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1979Margeret HayesCharrowoodSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Leroy C. HennesMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Russell LawlerGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Lynn MahoneyLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Frances McAteerCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1979John A. NejedlyMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1979Glenn I. NewhouseMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Elliot PetersonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1979James QuigleySerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Jane F. SanfordMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Asao SawadaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Jack S. StellerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1979Feron StockSouthSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Benjamin SwigCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1979Don WilkinsonExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Dick AndersonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1980Fred BarnesGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Del ClausenTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Frederick DicksonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Eugene J. GibbsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980Hank HanselGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Harold HansenMission TrailsSFBACSilver Beaver
1980William F. HarrisSilveradoSilver Beaver
1980Shirley A. HendersonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980Robert JohnsonGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Robert JosesCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1980George KolbyGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Arthur J. McArdleMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980Jay PaulsenMission TrailsSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Raymond W. Piercy, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980George PopovichMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Roger ProulxLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Elinor StockTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Philip K. SwartzSilveradoSilver Beaver
1980Walter UllrichMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980Bert L. Wheable, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1980Johnny WigginsExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1980Halleck WilsonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1980Robert WrightSilveradoSilver Beaver
1981Anthony BobierGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Jeffrey BrittonAlamedaAlamedaOA-Distinguished Service Award
1981Frank BurrowsCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1981David L. CutterMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1981Jackie R. DeShazoSilveradoSilver Beaver
1981Cliff Dochterman, DrMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1981Leland F. DupperSilveradoSilver Beaver
1981Charles ElliottSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Thomas FaulknerGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Leanne FinleyTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Walter P. Gardner, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1981Lowell GearhartMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Stanley T. GoldMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1981James P. GreenMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1981John HamiltonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1981William HitchingsLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Steve KlineLive OakSFBACFounders Award
1981Arthur KurraschAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1981Craig LeightyTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1981Rosa LewisGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1981William (Bill) LewisCharrowoodSFBACFounders Award
1981Mary Joe ReisenSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Dale RoeGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1981Donald M. SiskMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1981Lou SteeleAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1981Lee VellomMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1981Alan R. Young, CaptSilveradoSilver Beaver
1982Daniel BrownMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Thomas R. ConantMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Dale J. Cook, Sr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Peter J. DanielsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Melvin DowningMission TrailsSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Ted EplingLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Jerome HullCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Frank JenkinsTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1982David JonasSFBACFounders Award
1982Austin A. KellySilveradoSilver Beaver
1982Terry G. KlausAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1982James KohnenTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1982Harold MahanSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1982K. Lee MartynMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Ellis MyersGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Kenneth OyamaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Thomas PerazzoExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Marion RiceSilveradoSilver Beaver
1982Lawrence E. RuffMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Louis SaylorExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1982Floyd M. SurberSilveradoSilver Beaver
1982Otis D. Watson, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1982Don WilkinsonCouncil BoardSFBACFounders Award
1983Russell H. Archerd, Jr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1983Alan L. AustinMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983William BergmannTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1983Robert A. BolingbrokeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983Mark CronenwettAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1983Vern E. CurtisMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983Judy DowningMission TrailsSFBACSilver Beaver
1983David HahnExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1983David HendschGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Alfred L. KappadahlMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983Hyman Katz, Dr.Live OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Harold LaiGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Cec ManzanoSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Eugene R. NicholsSilveradoSilver Beaver
1983Lee ReedMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Gordan RubardLive OakSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
1983Rufus SmithExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Emmett SolomonCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1983Randall R. StevensonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983Steve TaffSilveradoSilver Beaver
1983Eleanor J. (Rubard) WillmarthMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1983Charles WrightTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.Council BoardSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1984Russel H. BlanchardMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1984Vernon BluhmSilveradoSilver Beaver
1984Dale L. BreitSilveradoSilver Beaver
1984Jimmie ChannelMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1984James DuncanAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1984Dennis GreeneGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Marsha M. HansenMt DiabloSilver Antelope
1984Richard HulsmanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Jerry JensonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Ted JorgensonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1984David L. KilgoreSilveradoSilver Beaver
1984Robert N. LavenderMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1984Howard C. LongMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1984Lorna H. MartynMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1984Paul Meier, Jr.Tres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Clifford MerckMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Patricia "Pat" SmithMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1984Charles StockholmCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Ernest SuicoLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Allan SusoeffMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Daniel TinneyExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Harold WeathersTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1984Robert WitbeckMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Kris AndersonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1985Merrell H. Beckham, Jr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1985J. David BilleterCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Richard CassidyGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Philip Champlin, JudgeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1985Jack ClevengerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Glenn CoonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Steve CranstonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1985Pansy F. FigurateMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Shepherd HendrixLive OakSFBACFounders Award
1985Robert HowardGolden AcornSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Albert F. LimbergMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Lavon G. LongMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Stuart MahlerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985William (Bill) ParkerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Dave RaynesMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Elaine RedlerSerraSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Betty RiceSilveradoSilver Beaver
1985Moreland D. "Rich" RichmondMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1985Stephen P. RodriguezLive OakSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Scott RoweLive OakSFBACFounders Award
1985Larry TesharaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1985Rollin WarnerGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Ivar AndersonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1986Robert BennettPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Frieda BluhmSilveradoSilver Beaver
1986Emerson ChinSFBACFounders Award
1986Stephen CornellExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Bob DeCelleAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1986Roger J. EvansMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Jack FraileyTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1986Nobusuke FukundaGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Lew GardnerLive OakSFBACFounders Award
1986Howard HarrisonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Sue HelmholzMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Richard KeminkMt DiabloFounders Award
1986Carolyn A. KinyonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1986Larry KosnettCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Richard T. KriegerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Ron PetersonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1986Louis B. PierceMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Allan RobisonExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Norman R. RoyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Robert SillettoMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1986Steven SinclairMt DiabloFounders Award
1986Wm. C. SpaldingMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Duane E. Spencer, DDSMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Ruth D. VanderkarrMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1986Charles "Chuck" B. Wharff*SilveradoSilver Beaver
1986Leslie WheelerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1987William (Bill) AlexanderTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
1987Richard AlleinMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Earl AllenMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Phillip BaxterSilveradoSilver Beaver
1987Wayne BishopTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1987Frank Bray, Jr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Walter Carr, Dr.Mt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Kenneth CookGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Mel CowanSilveradoSilver Beaver
1987George FosseliusMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Cameron FraserMt DiabloFounders Award
1987Donald FrazerExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Richard Freeborn, JudgeSilveradoSilver Beaver
1987Martin FreyAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1987Vincent GagliardiTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Marsden “Mick” HawsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Hank HelmholzMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Basil HolcombMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Ronald HuntzingerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Jerome KintnetCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Jeff KirkMt DiabloFounders Award
1987Craig LeightyTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
1987Willie PleasantPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Joseph RattoPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Chauncey SchmidtCouncil BoardSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1987Kenneth SteadmanMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1987Ben WoodsonMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1987Judy WoolridgeTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1988Nancy AndersonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1988Stephen AtwoodTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Letcher BarnesMt DiabloFounders Award
1988Roma BishopTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1988Norman De ChambeauMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Mark ClevengerTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
1988Lynn FigurateMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Francis Bosky FrederickMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Kenneth GallowayMt DiabloOA-Distinguished Service Award
1988Albert Groat, Dr.Mission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1988James JacksonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Marshall Kamena, Dr.ExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1988JoAnn MarkinsonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Tom McIntoshMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Diane MillerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Diane MorganSilveradoSilver Beaver
1988Merl NygrenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Richard PalfreymanPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Tom PrestonPeraltaSFBACFounders Award
1988Chauncey SchmidtCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Jerry SchwaigerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1988Audrey SherwoodTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1988Floyd ShreeveTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1988Stella SlateTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1988Brian ThiessenMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1988Tom WeibertMt DiabloFounders Award
1988Daniel YoungSilveradoSilver Beaver
1988Hal ZecherAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1989Bill BakerMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1989Wayne BarnesMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Jim CarpenterSFBACFounders Award
1989Eric ClevengerTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
1989Ursula CowanSilveradoSilver Beaver
1989David DeVoeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Bill Drown, IIIGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1989James GibsonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Ron GoodmanTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1989William GreyExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Mildred HarrisonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Bob HermannMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Arthur HindsTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1989John "Jack" B. HusseySilveradoSilver Beaver
1989Al IronsMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Bruce JamesCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Darryl KinsleyMt DiabloFounders Award
1989Alan MarplesTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Joseph ReynaudTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1989Lou RisleySilveradoSilver Beaver
1989David RowntreeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Donna RoyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Norman RoyMt DiabloFounders Award
1989Joe SpurlockMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1989Joel VuylstekeAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1990John DeasyGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Don FentonSilveradoSilver Beaver
1990Mildred GardnerPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Myra GomezTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Ralph M. HindsMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1990Dennis HuntMt DiabloFounders Award
1990Steve Johnston, IISilveradoSilver Beaver
1990David KindorfMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990Lloyd MannMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990James ParkerMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Robert PohlMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990Sheila RowntreeMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990Robert Russell, Jr.PeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Garry SeipertMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990Neil Serr, Sr.SilveradoSilver Beaver
1990Bill ShulkeAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1990Joan ShumateTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Carl SponsellerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1990James StonehouseAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1990Dorothy WatsonPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1990Charles R. WeaverSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1990Michael WnukMt DiabloFounders Award
1991Charlene L. BoddyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1991Jack BordeMt DiabloFounders Award
1991Floyd E. CoffmanSilveradoSilver Beaver
1991Shawn CrossleyMt DiabloFounders Award
1991Cliff Dochterman, DrMt DiabloNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1991Ralph W. GoushaSilveradoSilver Beaver
1991Clayton Graves*Tres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1991Jerry KirkMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1991Paul R. KusheMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1991Bob LewisAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1991Candis LlanoTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1991David K. MillerMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1991Michael MillerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1991John A. NejedlyMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1991Ken Parker*Tres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1991Napoleon SimsPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1991Therese W. WarneMt DiabloSilver Beaver
1991Robert B. WegnerSilveradoSilver Beaver
1992Wesley Arnold*Tres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1992James W. BoyceMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992C. Scott BridgesAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1992Earl W. Byers*Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Doug ClevelandSilveradoSilver Beaver
1992Robert W. Darter, Dr.Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Philip L. DeWeeseMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992F. William DorbandMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Anthony J. GordonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Dennis B. HuntMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Gregory L. Hunter, DDSSilveradoSilver Beaver
1992Arlen LeCountTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1992Chapman LindsayMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1992Ronnie P. MayfieldMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992David MitroffMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1992David R. NewportMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992David M. NewtonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Lillian G. RemerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1992Don ScottMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1992Orrin ShacklefordSilveradoSilver Beaver
1992Jasper Steele*Twin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1992Brian ThiessenMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
1992Howard Waits*PeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1992Priscilla WilsonPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Dave BeutkePeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Rod BoscheeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Lillian ButterfieldMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Paul ChandlerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1993Clint CollierMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Lowell EdwardsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Kathy FlamsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Jim HarrellMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Hank HenrieTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Barbara LeCountTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Garth MerrillMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1993David MillerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1993William (Bill) ParkerTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
1993Ed PatenaudeTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Pat PatrignaniMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Florence PopeAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1993John RickettsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993R. Don RozaAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1993Orrin SchacklefordMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1993Pete Taylor*PeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1993Richard C. ThompsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1993Gary TuleyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Richard BennallackExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Diane BitzMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Sue ByersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Ray CasaudoumecqAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1994Lawrence ClementMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Clint CollierMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1994Alvin CunninghamTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Paul DickeyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Jerry DoddMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Patricia ElamTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Mary GagliardiTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Kenneth GallowayMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
1994Rich GrahamSFBACFounders Award
1994Russell GreenlawTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1994Lorenzo HoopesCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Aarl HunterMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Chuck de LorimierMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994D. E. MundellCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Thomas MurphyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Sterling NicholsMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1994Jay OakmanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Thomas A. ParodiAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1994Richard RiceTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994William “Dexter” SandersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Jay SchmitzMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Don L. ScottMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Harold TaylorTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1994Charles H. WoodsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1994Jack WyntonPeraltaSFBACFounders Award
1995Gerald Abad*ExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Sabree Abdul-Mussawwir*PeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Charles AnglenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Mark Cooper, DDSMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Jeremy DavisSFBACFounders Award
1995Frank FerryMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Charles GillinghamSFBACFounders Award
1995Jeff JohnsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Gary KirkMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Melvin LeeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Gregg LindsleyMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1995Donna Livingston-FitchMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Larry LoosTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Philip OkadaPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Karen PahlerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Sue McNulty RaineyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Bob RisserMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1995Jim SchmidtMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1995Rocky TrujilloTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1995Bill WhittonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1995Jack WyntonPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Henry AllenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1996M. Dale ChristensenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996William F. CronkMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
1996Douglas EllardMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1996James FlamsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996George FosseliusMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1996James FreemanSFBACSilver Beaver
1996William GiddensMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996Ray GoodfellowTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Ron GoodmanTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
1996Thomas GraciaMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996Charles GrantMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Craig GridleyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996T. Dann Hall, IIIAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1996Pam HodgesSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Diane McIntyreMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996Jack MooreMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996John H. MullenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1996Sheryl OakmanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Brian PuttMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1996David RickettsMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1996Ronald Sabraw, JudgeCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Joseph ShinnTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1996Larry WillsonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1997Bonnie BoueyPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1997John BoueyPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Robert L. CrossMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Larry CullMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Larry CummingsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Robert DohertyMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Michael DonovanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Carol FaberTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1997Deborah FallehyPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Michael GillenTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1997Lawrence JohnsonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Ferdous KamfarMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Richard KozlowGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Richard S. LoomisMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Peter ManfreAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1997Leon NelsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997John Ricketts Jr.Mt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1997Sheriff Warren RupfMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1997Daniel SilveiraTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1997Donald SullivanCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Connie Van PuttenExploringSFBACSilver Beaver
1997Brian WilliamsMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1997Rob WongTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
1997Leonard ZavertnikSFBACFounders Award
1998Randel AlveyMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1998Ralph AppezzatoAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1998Roger L. BalesMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998Harold BurdickMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998John ClarkTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1998Sheila CunninghamTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Rodney DoreMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Ryan FernandezSFBACFounders Award
1998William R. FinlinsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998Thomas HeplerMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Robert L. HunterTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1998Zev KahnTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1998Eugene KendrickPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Mike LionbergerGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Kenneth J. LongMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998Steven PetersenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Stephen Douglas PierceMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998George W. RoweCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Robert SchumakerMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Michael SeufererMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998Jim Smith*SFBACFounders Award
1998Richard SmithMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Mark StolowitzCouncil BoardSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
1998Daniel WaltersTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1998Douglas WilliamsMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1998Douglas Richard WilliamsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1998Dave WyattMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1998Shelton YeeGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Kate BannerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999Carol BarnesMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Gary BaysmorePeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Ken BerlingMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999David F. Bird, Jr.Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999Peter CarpenterPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Randall DixonPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1999George DommTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Michael FaberCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
1999James V. FitchMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999Elbert HillGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Ruth Huycke-McCallTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
1999Terry IngrahamAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
1999Eileen LadarreMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999Jo MarshallMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Neil MillerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1999Paul NakaoMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Dominic PascucciSFBACFounders Award
1999Skip PhairMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Allen PhillipsPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
1999Diane RiggsTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
1999C. E. (Chuck) SavageMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
1999Charles SkeltonMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
1999Mark StolowitzCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Antelope
2000Pamela AllenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000John AprilMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000George BeglitsoffGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Robert CarnsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Robert DerrMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Michael DolanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Robert DolnokiSFBACFounders Award
2000Cleavon EvansMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2000David FiniganMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Thomas GraciaMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2000Matt GriffisSFBACFounders Award
2000Alan HouserMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Douglas KapovichGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Robert KempMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Marcus KrauseTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Richard J. MarcoglieseMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Wayne R. MoonCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Douglas E. NelsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Terry PearsonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Kathy PedersenTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2000David M. PrestonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2000Lee M. ReimersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
2000Jed RichardsonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Paul SanbornTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2000Malia SaulalaPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Michael SolarioMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Blaine SteinerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Nils VengeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2000Astrid WorkingerMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2000Dale WrightAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2001Julian AjelloPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Quentin AlexanderMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Robert BakerMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Andrew BallCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Wayne BishopTwin ValleySFBACSilver Antelope
2001Charles BoothTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2001William F. CronkMt Diablo-SilvSilver Buffalo
2001Tom EppenbergerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001James F. Ferenz, Jr.Twin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2001DeWitt GarlockMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Timothy GraceMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Susan GrandtPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2001John GreenwoodMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Linda HannMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Mary HaroTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Bryan HarrisMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2001Jim HerrimanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Charles HoffmanTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
2001Teesie KingMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Nina LemmerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2001Robert L. LippertAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2001Martin A. LoomisTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2001James P. MattsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001R. William PhelonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Mary RomaidisGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Ray SittonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Curtis StrommenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Val TompkinsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2001Anthony VerreosGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2001Charles WatsonSFBACFounders Award
2001Nord YamauchiAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2001Jack YeomanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Timothy AllenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002William BainTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Claude BrookeTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
2002Larry ChuGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Michael CoustierAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2002Jerry CurtisMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Drake DierkhisingMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Earl “Randy” GertzMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Michael GleimGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Alan GouldMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002David GrandtPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Jane HarrisMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Camilla Hester-AlvaroMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Alan HymanCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Gary JeansTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Nina LemmerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Don McChesneyCouncilSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
2002Anthony MyrickMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Lou PaulsonCouncilMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Marian PollockMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002Robin ReesTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Marion RiceMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2002Scott SimpsonMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2002Robert StarkMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2002David SteinPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Joseph A. StieberTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2002Arthur Swanson-HilmoeGolden GateSFBACFounders Award
2002Lynn Swanson-HilmoeGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Gailen VickMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2002Michael WrennTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Phil Abreu,, Jr.Tres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
2003Jamie AllenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Steve ArmstrongMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Edmond BertolaTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2003D. Kent ClayburnMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
2003Bill ColemanMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Barbara EricksenSFBACFounders Award
2003Penny Ann FettermanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003William (Bill) GardnerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Robert GlazeTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Albert Groat, Dr.Mission PeakSFBACSilver Antelope
2003Jim HagueMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Linda Marie HeasellMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Jansje Heijn-SchmitzMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Richard S. KopfCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Rick LewisAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2003Vincent LipinskiMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Russell LockwoodMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2003Billy Ray MayfieldPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Mike McCallTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2003John McClinticMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Dennis MechamMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2003Phil MulvihillMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Robert PennyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Steven PhillipsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Steven ShawTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2003James SmithGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2003Rosemarie TishlerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2003Richard WestoverMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Fred AllenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Chris BieschkeSFBACFounders Award
2004Greg BinghamMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Elizabeth BrandonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2004Lance ByardMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Warren ChanGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Harold ClarkPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Karen ColemanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Scott DeVenneyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Murray FernandezTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Dave FranklinTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2004Keith GaleMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Matt GriffisSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
2004Donald HadawayMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Jay JohnsonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2004L. Morris JohnsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Ken LambertMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Louis LipsetGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Thomas Long, Dr.Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Jason NewtonMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2004Dominic PascucciSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
2004Rick PickeringCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Joanne RobinsonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2004Lawrence L. SeversonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2004Steve SnowMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Jim VlamisMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Robert WilsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004J Carter Witt, IIIMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2004Walter YoungMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2005Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.Council BoardSFBACSilver Buffalo
2005Claude BrookeTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2005David BrownMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2005Michael BrownTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Brian ChalmersSFBACFounders Award
2005Warren ChanGolden GateSFBACFounders Award
2005Charles FettermanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Michael FujimotoGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Richard GoldmanGolden GateSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2005Donald HamiltonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Lowell HoxieTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2005Robert KitajimaMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Jerry LarsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Calvin MasudaTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2005John McDougallMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Zenas D. MitchellPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Lynn OakleafMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Andy OdellMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Douglas E. OlsonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2005Victor M. ParachiniMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
2005Charles C. PlummerCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Charles SmithMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2005Gerald StinsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005David ThackreyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Ken TowersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Rich UtterMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Wayne VeatchGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Daniel WelchMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Kline A. WilsonCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2005Elizabeth WittMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2005Steve YoungMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2005Stephen ZecherAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2006Jack ActonMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2006Yvonne AwaiMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Burton O. BensonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Val Gene BlackTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2006William C. Collett ■Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Mike ConnellySFBACFounders Award
2006Thomas P. CooperMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Arden DouganTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2006Cynthia DragonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Alan DunnTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2006William FournellMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Lorna HillGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Lynne C. LeachMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Craig LeightyMALSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
2006Doug MaynePeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Jay PimentelCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Daniel SaletSFBACFounders Award
2006Cindy SandersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006John “Randy” SummersMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Thomas TestermanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Larry WallaceMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2006Yvonne WatsonPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2006Al WrightAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2006Lisa YamashitaMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2006George YeeGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Elizabeth BrandonTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2007Stephen G. BreyerGolden GateSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2007Jeffrey BrittonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2007Leslie ClicheMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007George CoughlinMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Todd DeckerTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2007Kevin FerrellCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2007David FontaineTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2007Daniel GallegosMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2007Bart GledhillMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
2007Myron HagenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Vicki HanselGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Charles HoffmanTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2007James V. JonesMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Ed JordanSFBACFounders Award
2007Herbert LedermanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Lesli MaysMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Millie NygrenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Terry Wade OdnealMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Paul RicksMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Justin RiordanMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2007Marguerite RoemerGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2007Robert Russell, Jr.PeraltaSFBACSilver Antelope
2007Jon C. SargentMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007George VetekMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Douglas W. WackerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2007Randy WrightTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2008John BelamyTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2008Patrick BoileauGolden GateSFBACFounders Award
2008Bree BowmanTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2008Kari CostaSFBACFounders Award
2008Gary ElyMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Thomas GiugniChief SolanoMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Patrick KenneyAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2008Pete KleinMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Paul KreyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Roger MembranoTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Susan OkiMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Anne O'NealMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Otto RandolphGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Jim ReesTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Beverly RileyPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Paul RobertsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Rob SchroederMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Carl ShellhornMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008John SpahrMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2008Anthony VillaMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2008Jeannette WeaverMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2008Nathan YoungMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2009Bruce ArmsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Scott BrandonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2009Raymond ChanPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2009D. Kent ClayburnMt Diablo-SilvSilver Buffalo
2009Jason CostaSFBACFounders Award
2009Michael DubrallMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Thomas EdwardsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Joseph Ehrman IIIGolden GateSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2009Steven HoaglandMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009John HourihanGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2009David KrauseMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2009Tom KuznikTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2009Blair LevyTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2009David LibbyMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2009Paul MaheuMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Alan OlsenCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2009Rich RileyTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2009Robert RoumiguiereMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Charlie RuefenachtMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Tom SantosMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Gary SnyderMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2009Jim UtleyTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2009Yvonne WatsonPeraltaSFBACFounders Award
2009Jeffrey WeberMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2009Frank YoungAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2009Antonio Zarate DDSMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Jeffrey BiehlTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2010Elizabeth BoileauGolden GateSFBACFounders Award
2010Elizabeth BoileauGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Dylan ClichéMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2010Jason Edgar, Jr.SFBACFounders Award
2010Linda GentileTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Ira HillyerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Marty KlierMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Tom KlitgaardCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Rodney MangusMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Keith (Uncle Buck) McColmTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Jeri MorgadoAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2010Rick NygrenMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Stephan OlveraMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010CJ PerezTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Rick PickeringSFBACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2010Chris RattoPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2010John ReynoldsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Charles H. SmithMt Diablo-SilvSilver Buffalo
2010Bill StantonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Ken StrongmanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Janis Tipton-KingMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2010Don UriuMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2010August Gene Voelkel, Dr.Mt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2010Peter YoungMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2011Harry ClydeSFBACFounders Award
2011Michael DotsonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Jacque DouglasMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2011Gregory R. FalknerAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2011Chris FriedmannMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Michael GentileTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Paul HirshMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Richard KingCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Jean Kuznik*Twin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2011Steve LackMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Katie MabieMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Calvin MasudaTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2011Brian MortonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Thomas NobleMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Steven RodriggsMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2011Joe RosenthalMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2011Paul ShimotakeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Wick SmithMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011James TeareMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Jeffrey TsangTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2011David WilliamsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Ray WinterMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2011Walt YoungMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Roma BishopTwin ValleySFBACSilver Antelope
2012Mary ChongMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Lance ElderMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012George FosseliusMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2012Dennis GilreathMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Chad HamiltonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2012Suisei HeidebrechtMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Wesley HiltonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Steve HoaglandMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2012Steve IsraelMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Michael KintscherMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2012Steve KlineTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2012Jonnie Louglin-HaganMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Mark LoyMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2012Janis McColmTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2012Tom MeadCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2012Hans MortimerSFBACFounders Award
2012Michele PolokaMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012David M. RoseAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2012Jennifer RupertMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Peter SchakowMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2012Mark SmithMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2012Sam SteeleTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2012Nick TumilowiczSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2012Nils VengeMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2012David WilliamsTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Michael BolinMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Ray ChanMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Mary ChongMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2013Ray DollarTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Tom FarrisAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2013Norman GeeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Rose GodfreyTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Steven HimebaughSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2013Irwin HorowitzMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Ed IselyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Jay JohnsonTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2013H. Scott KernsAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2013Wendy LaBergeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Charles MabieMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Andrew McBethMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2013John McBethMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Lou PaulsonCouncilMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2013Laura PriestTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Richard SchemppSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2013Rick ShemppTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2013Thomas SimsMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2013Carol WilsonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Patricia YoungMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2013Jill ZollingerTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2014Paul BarteltMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Ryan BerryTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2014Trevor BormannTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2014Alan CooperMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Zack CrosleyMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2014Robert CulbertsonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2014Shelly DavisMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2014Martin FongAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2014Don Ford IIIMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2014John HaganMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Helen HolobetzMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Lise JonesAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2014Roni KarmaszinMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2014Steve LarenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Frank MellonCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2014James PeirceMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Michael PetersonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Harry RassmussenTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2014Scott RodgersGolden GateSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2014Kenn RoloffMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Bruce SchlobohmMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2014Kent ScreechfieldMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Mark StephensonTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2014Mark Lewis StolowitzCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Buffalo
2014Daniel WaltersTwin ValleySFBACSilver Antelope
2014John WaltonTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2014Michael WarrinerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2014Orinda WeissTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2014Phil WeissTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2015Toby AndersonAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2015Michael J. AndrewsTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2015John C. BirdTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2015Jeffrey BrittonAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2015Kenneth ChinGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2015Richard ChristmanAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2015Harry ClydeSFBACCenturion Award
2015Michael CoustierAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2015Vincent DespainMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2015Andrew DivitaTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2015Derek DresslerTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2015Gregory R. FalknerAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2015Kenneth GallowayMt Diablo-SilvCenturion Award
2015Jack GilletteTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2015Matt GriffisSFBACCenturion Award
2015Charles Howard-GibbonAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2015Richard HunterAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2015Steve KlineSFBACCenturion Award
2015Craig LeightySFBACCenturion Award
2015Rand MahoneyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2015Michael MillerTres RanchosSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2015Bill ParkerSFBACCenturion Award
2015Richard PonGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2015Michael RansomTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2015John RinggenbergCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2015Ben SebastianTres RanchosSFBACFounders Award
2015Sam SteeleTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2015Richard M. StockandMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2015Roy ThomasMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2015Mark WeylandMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2015Don WilkinsonSFBACCenturion Award
2015Rob WongSFBACCenturion Award
2015Jack WyntonSFBACCenturion Award
2015Stephen ZecherAlamedaAlamedaCenturion Award
2016#REF!Mt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Kyle BergTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2016Wayne BishopTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Jack BordeMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Will CarlsonTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2016Richard ChristmanAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2016Flory DekovicGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2016David DeVoeMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Greg GamacheMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Louis HarrisonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2016Stan JungenbergMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016William LewMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2016Bruce McGurkMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Robert MillberryMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Craig MizutaniMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Dave NewtonMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Sabrina PickersgillMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Scott RodgersGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2016David RodriguezTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2016Chris SantosTwin ValleySFBACJames E West
2016Larry SeymourMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2016Adrian TsangGolden GateSFBACFounders Award
2016William UpsonMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016John VerdoiaCouncil BoardSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Tom WeibertMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2016Chris WiklerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2016Don WilkinsonCouncil BoardSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2016Joyce WilsonTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2017Roy AdamsMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Wendell BakerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Cameron BauerTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2017Ken CarvalhoAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2017John DalyTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2017Robert FonnesbeckTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2017Howard HarterMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2017Richard KralMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Don KubikMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Scott KubikMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Deborah LongMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Jackson McElmellGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2017Courtney MizutaniMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Jim PatchenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Linda RonsomTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2017Paul ShimotakeMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2017Pam SmithMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2017Mark StephensonTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2017John WaltonTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2017Andrew ZuckerMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2018Orval "OB" BadgerSFBACSilver Beaver
2018Steve BauerMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Len BjeldanesMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Richard ChristmanAlamedaAlamedaNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2018Andrew DivitaTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2018Thomas DooherSFBACSilver Beaver
2018Michael FinleyMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Ed GrayMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Patrick GriffithMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Mark HovermaleAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2018Michael KeanMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2018Patrick KenneyAlamedaAlamedaNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2018Daniel KittsSFBACSilver Beaver
2018Calvin KnightMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2018Dean LaBergeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018William “Bill” LewMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Lou PaulsonCouncilMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2018Bradford Prescott, Dr.Mt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2018Rob SantosTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2018Jason ScruggsMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2018Frank StarnMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2018Guy SwangerMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2018John VerdoiaCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2018John WeidemeierTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2018Rob WongTres RanchosSFBACOA-Distinguished Service Award
2019Michael AllisonTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2019Randy CampbellMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Ken CarvalhoAlamedaAlamedaNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2019Thomas A. CropperMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2019Valerie DavisTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2019Rodney DoreMission PeakSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2019Doug FarmerCouncil BoardSFBACSilver Beaver
2019Nick HallMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Bonnie HazarabedianMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Jeffrey KlineTres RanchosSFBACJames E West
2019Jason LewisCouncil StaffSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2019Michael McDowellMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Nicholas MonaghanTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2019Bill MorgansteinMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019George OngPeraltaSFBACSilver Beaver
2019Lou PaulsonCouncilMt Diablo-SilvSilver Antelope
2019Irshad RasheedMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2019Steve H. RodriguezMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2019Steve H. RodriguezMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Dave ShawMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Gary SynderMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2019Roy ThomasMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2019Kyle Van HoesonMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2019Dan WaltersCouncil BoardSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2019Michael YoungMission PeakSFBACFounders Award
2019Stephen ZimmermanAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2020Jeff AirthMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2020Michael AllisonTwin ValleySFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2020Lee AmonMission PeakSFBACSilver Beaver
2020Cameron BauerTres RanchosSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2020Melissa BergTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2020Kristine BiehlTwin ValleySFBACSilver Beaver
2020Mark CoronenwettMt Diablo-SilvNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2020Stephanie DemeterMeridianMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2020Roger DoeringTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2020Ron FedeleLakeMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2020Wendy LaBergeMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2020Doug LoveSilveradoMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2020Suzanne MartinAlamedaAlamedaSilver Beaver
2020Susan PagliantiTres RanchosSFBACSilver Beaver
2020Eric ParnellTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2020James ReeveMeridianMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2020Aaron RegisterTwin ValleySFBACFounders Award
2020Tim ReppBrionesMt Diablo-SilvSilver Beaver
2020Brian ThiessenMt Diablo-SilvSilver Buffalo
2020Jonathan ThomasSFBACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2020Declan TsuyukiMt Diablo-SilvFounders Award
2020Harry VellenoGolden GateSFBACSilver Beaver
2021Gregg AnkenmanMeridianGGACSilver Beaver
2021John AraiMission PeakGGACSilver Beaver
2021Joe Barton, Dr.SilveradoGGACSilver Beaver
2021Gary BaysmorePeraltaGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Elaine BishopLakeGGACWhitney Young Jr
2021Trevor BormannTwin ValleyGGACSilver Beaver
2021D. Kent ClayburnGGACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2021Mark ClevengerGGACElangomat
2021Steve ConnMission PeakGGACSilver Beaver
2021Benjamin DalyGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Neville DonovanTwin ValleyGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Thomas C. EdwardsCouncil BoardGGACSilver Buffalo
2021Chris GrahamSea ScoutsGGACSea Scout Leadership
2021Mary GriffithLakeGGACNorth Star
2021David HaubertTwin ValleyGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021James JensenChief SolanoGGACSilver Beaver
2021Jacob JensonSea ScoutsGGACSea Scout Leadership
2021Bill JohansenBrionesGGACSilver Beaver
2021Wendy LaBergeGGACFounders Award
2021Herber LedermanGGACJames E West
2021Amelie L'Etoile-GogaSea ScoutsGGACSea Scout Leadership
2021Stuart MahlerExploringGGACPresidents
2021Tony MeiGGACTouch of Gold
2021Martin MeissenhalterGGACElangomat
2021Craig MizutaniMeridianGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Abhiram MokkapatiGGACArrowman of year
2021Abhiram MokkapatiGGACJames E West
2021Michael O’CallaghanGolden GateGGACSilver Beaver
2021Jeffrey OrthmannAlamedaGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Steven PolcynGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Steven RodriggsMission PeakGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021John RodriguezGGACWilliam Spurgeon
2021Aditya SriramGGACFounders Award
2021Aditya SriramGGACJames E West
2021Steve SternTres RanchosGGACSilver Beaver
2021Larry TesharaGolden GateGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Jack ThompsonGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Danetta TroisiSea ScoutsGGACSea Scout Leadership
2021Chase VanDerveerAlamedaGGACArrowman of year
2021Chase VanDerveerAlamedaGGACJames E West
2021Frank YokeGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2021Wekemnayon VillageGGACVillage of Year
2022Ralph ColeTwin ValleyGGACSilver Beaver
2022Lena DempseyGGACFounders Award
2022Michael FujimotoGolden GateGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Maxwell FukutomeGGACElangomat
2022Doris GamacheMuirGGACSilver Beaver
2022Thomas GiugniChief SolanoGGACSilver Antelope
2022Henry JohnsonGGACFounders Award
2022Henry JohnsonGGACJames E West
2022Ben Reyes, JudgeAlamedaGGACSilver Beaver
2022Bob KarnAlamedaGGACSilver Beaver
2022Steve KlineTres RanchosGGACArrowman of year
2022Michael LennoxTwin ValleyGGACSilver Beaver
2022Michael LennoxGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Janet McDonaldHermsGGACSilver Beaver
2022John Minney, HonGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Eric ParnellTwin ValleyGGACArrowman of year
2022Andrew PowellGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Stephen P. RodriguezPeraltaGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Steve H. RodriguezSilveradoGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Ananya SriramSilveradoGGACArrowman of year
2022Frank StarnGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2022Jessica StevensTres RanchosGGACArrowman of year
2022Jessica StevensTres RanchosGGACElangomat
2022Jessica StevensTres RanchosGGACJames E West
2022Caroline TsuyukiBrionesGGACSilver Beaver
2022Chase VanDerveerAlamedaGGACArrowman of year
2022Steven WelchGolden GateGGACSilver Beaver
2022Brayden YeeGGACElangomat
2022Wekemnayon VillageGGACVillage of Year
2023Joe BartonCouncilGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2023Dennis BleileGGACArrowman of year
2023Trevor BormannCouncilGGACNESA-Distinguished Service Award
2023Trevor BormannCouncilGGACNESA-Distinguished Eagle Scout
2023Justin BoslTres RanchosGGACSilver Beaver
2023Anastasia CarrollGGACArrowman of year
2023Amy ColeBrionesGGACSilver Beaver
2023Jim DaltonMission PeakGGACSilver Beaver
2023Henri ElkaimGGACArrowman of year
2023Mark FreyGGACFounders Award
2023Anna GuerraChief SolanoGGACSilver Beaver
2023Luis IzaguirreTres RanchosGGACSilver Beaver
2023Willis SargentGGACArrowman of year
2023Orrin ShacklefordSilveradoGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2023Tamara SokolovGolden GateGGACSilver Beaver
2023Ananya SriramGGACArrowman of year
2023Jessica StevensGGACFounders Award
2023Tom WeibertCouncilGGACNESA-Outstanding Eagle Scout
2023Carlton YeeGolden GateGGACSilver Beaver
2023Moluk VillageGGACVillage of Year
2024Lou PaulsonCouncilGGACSilver Buffalo


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