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Camp Raymond C. Force (1954-1965) - Facts and Figures

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Named after Raymond C. Force

Mt. Diablo Council (1954-1965)


Gifted to Mount Diablo Council and then property transferred to Mt Diablo State Park

Garden of the Jungle Gods at Rock City on south side of Mt Diablo

37.847332, -121.926316 (click on coordinates for Camp Location)

Contra Costa County



About 11

Sold to Mt Diablo State Park

approx 90 acres

1660 Feet



Weekend Camp, Limited facilities.

Camp Force History

Camp Raymond C. Force (Also known simply as Camp Force) was a camp of the Mt Diablo Council from 1954 until 1965.  Camp Force was located on the slopes of Mt Diablo at the present location of Garden of the Jungle Gods Rock formation one mile up from the South Gate entrance.  The camp was only used for overnight camping and as a weekend camp as there were limited facilities.


Camp Force was named after Raymond C. Force (who died in 1951) and was the first President of the Caterpillar Tractor Company, a Director of California Bank as well as the originally owner of the 6000 acre Blackhawk Ranch (which today is the Blackhawk Development).  Raymond Force had indicated to Scout Exec Victor Lindblad that he wanted the Scouts to have a camp of their own on Mt. Diablo after Scouts from the Meridian District helped to save Force’s estate in Blackhawk canyon from a fire in 1948.


Boy Scout Rocks (Garden of the Jungle Gods rock formation) and the Camp Force trailhead are named after the former Scout Camp at Mt Diablo.  Camp Force was approximately 100 acres in size and the site included the “Garden of the Jungle Gods”, Madrone Canyon below the rock formation and the ridge to the East (where the Curry Point parking lot is located).  The entrance to the camp was a short distance south of Curry Point, where a plaque commemorating the Camp is still located.


In March of 1955 Scout leaders and members of OO-Yum Buli lodge laid 3800 feet of 1.5 inch pipe from the State Park 100,00 gallon water tank to the Scout storage tank.

Camp Force Images

Dedication Plaque for Camp Force, April 1956.


Camp Force Trailhead from Curry Point Parking lot at Mt Diablo

Garden of the Jungle Gods / Boy Scout Rocks at Mt. Diablo

Mt Diablo Boundary Map, 1940, showing Garden of Jungle Gods (Camp Force)

Garden of the Jungle Gods / Boy Scout Rocks at Mt. Diablo

First Camporee on Mt Diablo at Camp Force, April 1955


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