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Ut-in Selica Vigils (1993 - 2020)

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The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities.  The following are the Arrowmen who received the Vigil honor in Ut-in Selica Lodge 58:

YearFirst NameLast NameVigil NameLodge
1994DerrickNgQuiet BrotherUt In Selica
1994PaulChandlerHe Who Bears Many BurdensUt In Selica
1994GarthMerrillHonorable One Who ServesUt In Selica
1994ConnieRicheyConservative One Who Leads By ExampleUt In Selica
1994BobRisserMighty Bear With Funny KneesUt In Selica
1994DavidRowntreeBeaded Brother Who Is Ever PresentUt In Selica
1994SheilaRowntreeUt In Selica
1994WilliamPickleUt In Selica
1994AdamLovellTalkative Weasel Who Does MuchUt In Selica
1995RobertAdamsSmart Owl Who Learns From AfarUt In Selica
1995DavidHolmWise Teacher Who Blows Much SmokeUt In Selica
1995DavidMillerLarge Bunny From Many LodgesUt In Selica
1995DavidRickettsWise Warrior With Iron TeepeeUt In Selica
1995JohnRicketts JrSmiling Guide With Belly LaughUt In Selica
1995NicholasSelbyThe Young Old OneUt In Selica
1995JamesSettlemeyerRed Beaver, Many Funny HandshakesUt In Selica
1996ScottEvansWooden Antelope With Many IronsUt In Selica
1996WilliamFinlinsonPurple Giant Who Builds MuchUt In Selica
1996RossJohnsonUt In Selica
1996SterlingMicholsBusy Racoon Plays With MagicUt In Selica
1996AdamMangoldConfusion One Who AssistsUt In Selica
1996VernonBluhmUt In Selica
1996TomSchneiderUt In Selica
1997AndrewBrechtTall Happy Ant Who Gets It DoneUt In Selica
1997GregLindsleyUt In Selica
1997JonMartinMaker Of Talking LeavesUt In Selica
1997BrianWilliamsMedicine Man Who KnowsUt In Selica
1998KyleBergValuable One Who Is RecommendedUt In Selica
1998LarryCummingsLittle Owl Who Has Good SpiritsUt In Selica
1998MikeGrishamGentle Hard Working Spiritual OneUt In Selica
1998BenHawkinsonCricket Who Cries AloudUt In Selica
1998AlanHouserGrey Bearded OneUt In Selica
1998FerdousKamfarGracious One Who ServesUt In Selica
1998PeterMccloudSkillful One Who Can Be TrustedUt In Selica
1998RobertNelsonWarrior Bear Who LaughsUt In Selica
1998MarionRiceWiseman TeacherUt In Selica
1998ChrisSkeltonLoyal One Who Does Good For OthersUt In Selica
1998JimTomkinsMessenger CrowUt In Selica
1998LarryWallaceGray Beaver Who Does Great WondersUt In Selica
1999RandelAlveyHappy Camping ChipmunkUt In Selica
1999DavidGraciaLaughing Bear Who Travels LoudlyUt In Selica
1999ThomasGraciaBullfrog Medicine Man Who CuresUt In Selica
1999BrianGreavesHonorable One Who Can Be TrustedUt In Selica
1999MelvinLeeWitty Gray Fox Who CampsUt In Selica
1999JasonMatsuokaDiligent One With Happy FeetUt In Selica
1999NeilMillerBusy Hawk Who Does Good For OthersUt In Selica
1999BettyRicePatient Wise One Who LeadsUt In Selica
1999CharlesSkeltonRacoon Who Has Good SpiritsUt In Selica
1999GregLindsleyBullfrog With Large VoiceUt In Selica
1999JerryCloppAble Cook Who Feeds The SpiritUt In Selica
1999DavidDiazHonored One Who Is PreparedUt In Selica
1999JustinEstradaFriendly One Who AssistsUt In Selica
2000KennethAlveyOld Tree Who Stands TallUt In Selica
2000JasonLewisUt In Selica
2000BrianSchoenfeldUt In Selica
2000MikeSeufererUt In Selica
2000ScottSimpsonUt In Selica
2000MikeSolarioHelpful One With Big HeartUt In Selica
2000MichaelDonovanDiligent White WolfUt In Selica
2001BrianCheungTurtle Who Tells StoriesUt In Selica
2001GregoryHoffeditzWarrior Who TeachesUt In Selica
2001JimNewcombCrane Happy To DanceUt In Selica
2001EricAlveyBear That Goes Beyond HillUt In Selica
2001CleavonEvansWoodpecker That Speaks LoudUt In Selica
2001BryanHarrisSleeping Warrior Who TeachesUt In Selica
2001DickLoomisBeaver Who Paddles Little CanoeUt In Selica
2001CharlesSavageLittle Bird In WoodsUt In Selica
2001MatthewSchroderTrader Who Travels AboutUt In Selica
2001MatthewYoungLittle BeaverUt In Selica
2001WalterYoungBeaver Who Cuts Head With WoodUt In Selica
2002DavidBergWarrior Acts Like ChiefUt In Selica
2002JosephGraciaBullfrog Who Tells A Straight StoryUt In Selica
2002JaneHarrisTeacher WomanUt In Selica
2002NinaLemmerMouse Who CouncilsUt In Selica
2002RussellLockwoodFlying Squirrel Who FixesUt In Selica
2002PhilipMulvihillQuiet Racoon TraderUt In Selica
2002AnthonyVillaBald Headed SquirrelUt In Selica
2002MyrnaYoungWise Owl TeacherUt In Selica
2002StevenYoungGrasshopper Who Creates With HandsUt In Selica
2002JohnZumboFine Young BuckUt In Selica
2002KevinKingUt In Selica
2003DouglasAlveyQuiet Hawk Who Creates ThunderUt In Selica
2003DavidBrownTax To Kill A BearUt In Selica
2003KevinGrooverQuiet Ant Who Works WellUt In Selica
2003MargaretHillBird Who Scalps Grey HairUt In Selica
2003EdwinIselyRaccoon Who Enlightens Many BearsUt In Selica
2003JasonNewtonLand Turtle Who DrumsUt In Selica
2003JaySparksWild Gray-hair DeerUt In Selica
2003VangelisTgonisTo Dance Like A BadgerUt In Selica
2004ScottChristensenHappy BeeUt In Selica
2004DanielGallegosQuiet TeacherUt In Selica
2004RoniKarnazsinWhite BeadUt In Selica
2004DavidNewtonMany Bald EaglesUt In Selica
2004BrentNolanMighty MouseUt In Selica
2004ScottBrownRed Bird Who Walks AboutUt In Selica
2005DarrinNicholsonUt In Selica
2005FredConnorThe Opossum WarriorUt In Selica
2005JoshuaHeckBlue EagleUt In Selica
2005RobertWareGray EagleUt In Selica
2005JeffreyWeberTurtle Dove Who Makes People HappyUt In Selica
2005JeremyYoungYoungest BeaverUt In Selica
2006TrevorButlerFork Tailed EagleUt In Selica
2006CatherineLuginbillTo NurseUt In Selica
2006DavidNolandWarrior With Black HandUt In Selica
2006JoeZumboBuck That CooksUt In Selica
2006JosephZumboBuck That GathersUt In Selica
2006GordonSpahrAllumes Wsamgi WsitUt In Selica
2006JoeyGoodnightHe Who Speaks The TruthUt In Selica
2007JamesBroughtonBrother BearUt In Selica
2007AustinClichéOwl Who Destroys Little CanoeUt In Selica
2007LeslieClichéWoman Who Rides BroomUt In Selica
2007TaylorFongTroublesome MouseUt In Selica
2007JeffJohnsonTo Hold Council With AnotherUt In Selica
2007BenjaminKeanLittle Man TeacherUt In Selica
2007MartinKlierNorthern Friendly OtterUt In Selica
2007JohnSpahrBeaver Who Never SleepsUt In Selica
2007ChristopherWilsonFarmer Who Plants KnowledgeUt In Selica
2007NathanYoungAnt With Long Yellow HairUt In Selica
2007PeterYoungFather Of AntUt In Selica
2007JohnZubkouskyTall Warrior With Round BallUt In Selica
2008WilliamDorbandWarrior Who Speaks LoudUt In Selica
2008JustinRiordanNoisy Squirrel WriterUt In Selica
2008MaryChongMother Of MiceUt In Selica
2008QuincyFongLittle Mouse Who Runs In Still WaterUt In Selica
2008CatherineIvansWoman GuideUt In Selica
2008StanfordIvansWilling BeaverUt In Selica
2008TimothyMatesRed Haired FoxUt In Selica
2008LarrySmithGrey BuffaloUt In Selica
2008MatthewSpeirWild Haired LizardUt In Selica
2008KeithRomoserWise GoatUt In Selica
2009DavidClichéBald Headed Broom RiderUt In Selica
2009DylanClichéWise Owl Who Creates With HandsUt In Selica
2009AlexConradUt In Selica
2009JamesConradHelpful Father Of BearsUt In Selica
2009ZacharyConradBear Who Creates With MindUt In Selica
2009ThomasCooperReliable One Who Does Good WorkUt In Selica
2009JustinCulbertsonCrane Who Creates With HandsUt In Selica
2009JoshKeanLaughing TeacherUt In Selica
2009MichaelKeanLoud Teacher Of TeachersUt In Selica
2010CamillaHester-AlvaroWise Teacher Of TeachersUt In Selica
2010OwenSpahrCalm Minded SnakeUt In Selica
2010BillyFeeSkillful Fire MakerUt In Selica
2010JamesJoyceCalm MountainUt In Selica
2010ScottPhillipsWise Cheerful GuideUt In Selica
2010DanielSmithHelpful BuffaloUt In Selica
2010LaurieSudaTeaching OwlUt In Selica
2011WilliamLewHappy FriendUt In Selica
2011RegistrarLewUt In Selica
2011JohnMcdougallCapable CounselorUt In Selica
2011StanleyJungenBergOne Who Buys Morning BreadUt In Selica
2011JeremyOlsonReliable Deep Water BearUt In Selica
2011CharlesPolokaHard Working One Of The EarthUt In Selica
2011GarrettRettinhouseTeacher Of LeadersUt In Selica
2011RoyThomasSilent Warrior Who Holds CouncilUt In Selica
2011ElliotBallardFriendly Dancing GuideUt In Selica
2011QuinnBallardWise Dancing OwlUt In Selica
2011MarkNicholsBig Brother Who TeachesUt In Selica
2011ClaudeSmithExperienced Camp InstructorUt In Selica
2012LoganKummerLoyal Deep Thinker Who ServesUt In Selica
2012MichaelWedlPatient And Caring Medicine ManUt In Selica
2012DennisBleileLoyal Diligent GuideUt In Selica
2012SeanDefrezeHelpful One Who ServesUt In Selica
2012KennKnittelLeader Who Does Good For OthersUt In Selica
2012LoganKummerLoyal Deep Thinker Who ServesUt In Selica
2012AndrewMcbethSkillful Chief Who Is PreparedUt In Selica
2012JohnMcbethWise One Who Works HardUt In Selica
2012EliAndersonKnowledgeable One Who Works HardUt In Selica
2012ZacharyFreemanDiligent And Able SecretaryUt In Selica
2013DanielJungenbergHelpful And Witty KinsmanUt In Selica
2013MichaelKintsherLoyal And Watchful CaptainUt In Selica
2013JustinKirkStrong And Willing MountainUt In Selica
2013EdBallardOriginal Thinker Who Looks BeyondUt In Selica
2013JesseBarushUpright Worker Who Exerts SelfUt In Selica
2013PaulShimotakeTeacher Of New PathsUt In Selica
2013ChristopherWiklerHonorable And Determined GuideUt In Selica
2013WilliamYoungMerry Hard Worker Who CaresUt In Selica
2013NormanGEEUt In Selica
2013DavidKnittelLeft Handed Fast SpeakerUt In Selica
2014MatthewBridgesTower Who Sees And AssistsUt In Selica
2014ZackaryCrosleyTrue Seeker Of JusticeUt In Selica
2014DavidDespainServant Of TruthUt In Selica
2014VincentDespainGentle And Wise KinsmanUt In Selica
2014KenEdmarkQuiet Medicine ManUt In Selica
2014MicheleFrithOwl Who Cures SorrowUt In Selica
2014ElmerGlasserTrustworthy Elder Brother BearUt In Selica
2014SeanMartinTrustworthy Elder BrotherUt In Selica
2014SabrinaPickergillBird Of FlameUt In Selica
2014AlexShimotakeQuite Yet Willful OneUt In Selica
2016AlessandroBondFriend Who Speaks QuicklyUt In Selica
2015AllanGriffinJocular One Who ServesUt In Selica
2015MartinMaislerReliable One Whose Hands CreateUt In Selica
2016ConnorMarshallHumble One Who Is PraisedUt In Selica
2016SeanMcfeelyLively One Who EncouragesUt In Selica
2015MarkWeylandBuilder Who Is LoyalUt In Selica
2017ElaineBishopPrepared One From The NorthUt In Selica
2017AndrewGriffinOne Who Has ConfidenceUt In Selica
2017CrisoferHolobetzProud Friendly Book ReaderUt In Selica
2017HelenHolobetzOwl Who Teaches Bow And Arrow Ut In Selica
2017BryanLooneyKind And Quiet One Who ServesUt In Selica
2017MatthewMorgansteinValuable And Reliable FriendUt In Selica
2017RyanSanchezJesting One Who Is LoyalUt In Selica
2017AndrewZuckerSinging Chief Who Does Great WorkUt In Selica
2017James EMcfeely VFast One Who Has Good SpiritsUt In Selica
2017AndreAzzopardiFast Runner Who Pronounced WellUt In Selica
2017Mark (Joey)CurleyHumble Kinsman Who Pronounces WellUt In Selica
2017BrentHinchcliffNight Hawk Who Is DeterminedUt In Selica
2017PatrickJaimeQuite Leader Who Is PreparedUt In Selica
2017DylanLabergeFriendly And Diligent GuideUt In Selica
2017RayChanAntelope Who Spreads KnowledgeUt In Selica
2017SteveRodriguezGolden Eagle Who Looks BeyondUt In Selica
2018RaymondWangGrasshopper Who Speaks Good Words Ut In Selica
2018OskarHurstFriendly Black EagleUt In Selica
2018KyleVan HoesenCheerful Determined TorchbearerUt In Selica
2018WendyLabergeNurse Who LeadsUt In Selica
2018DaveLooneyWhite Oak Who CooksUt In Selica
2020EliDinfotanUt In Selica
2020LoganDolnickPlayful Otter Who ServesUt In Selica
2020MatthewEdmarkRedheaded One Who Has Good SpiritUt In Selica
2020JasonScruggsHumble Elk LeaderUt In Selica
2020AdiSriramUt In Selica
2020DeclanTsuyukiUt In Selica
2020EvelynSanchezUt In Selica
2020ChadStoneBear Who Beats Drums Ut In Selica
2021Robert (Bobby) ForemanUt In Selica
2021Michael BrennanUt In Selica
2021Euan McmanusUt In Selica
2021Hunter MillerUt In Selica
2021Alison WatsonUt In Selica
2021Arnel JaimeUt In Selica


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