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191009/16/10First American Boy Scout patrol in Oakland is formed by A. Patterson Jr. of Telegraph avenue, "The boys will have regular scout uniforms and if possible guns"
191010/02/10First Presbyterian church of Oakland forms first Scout Troop. The first five boys are Chris Milsich, Alfred Wollitz, Arthur Cross, Max Nye, G. Boyes. L.N. Brasfield is first scoutmaster & Rev John E. Stuchell.
191011/23/10Scouting movement is formerly launched in Oakland under the American boy Scout movement. Colonel George Dickie, superintendent of playgrounds for the Oakland schools is the president of the committee. Plans are made for a permanent headquarters in Oakland
191101/09/11Oakland and SF Boy Scouts disassociate from American Boy Scouts due to funding and military associations and associate with the California Boy Scouts which were formed in San Francisco
191102/21/11George Dickie, superintendent of the Oakland Playgrounds leads a committee for establishing the Oakland contingent of Boy Scouts.
191103/11/11The Boy Scouts of Oakland held a meeting on Thursday night to consider the future plans of the organization. The members determined to withdraw from the California Boy Scouts and to apply for a charter from the Boy Scouts of America, of which Ernest Thompson Seton is one of the foremost men.
191105/01/11First Scout Camp is held at Mt Herman in the Santa Cruz mountains. Scouts arrived by way of the South Pacific Coast Railway which ran from Alameda/Oakland to Santa Cruz with stops at Mt Herman. Boys Life Magazine (08/11) – “Oakland Scouts were on a recent jaunt to Santa Cruz and several of them organized a ball team to tackle the Santa Cruz High School Team. Oakland boys won the game.”
191511/11/15Business men in Oakland agree to finance the BSA movement in the city following mtg with H.D Cross at Oakland High School
1915Oakland Troop 11 is formed with Herbert Hauser as Scoutmaster. Troop 11 from the Lake district of Oakland would be renumbered as Troop 211 in the late 1950’s
191603/30/16HD Cross speaks at Rotary Club Luncheon at Hotel Oakland to foster the movement in the city
191606/11/16Oakland-Piedmont Council is officially organized into a Council (1916 - 1964) under the auspices of the Rotary Club. 404 Eleventh Street, Oakland - Oakland Area Council Headquarters. VO Lawrence is President and HR Wilson is Scout Exec for the Oakland Council
191606/12/16H. Richard Wilson becomes first Scout Executive of the Oakland Council (1916 – 1919). Volkert “VO” Lawrence becomes first President of the Oakland Council (1916 - 1917).
1916Monterey Encampment
191706/10/17First ever Summer Training Camp for the Oakland Area Council is held at Camp Taylor in Marin County. Arthur Myer provides instruction in Astronomy.
191707/28/17Weekend Boy Scout Training Camp of the Oakland Council opens in the Oakmore section of Dimond canyon
191709/29/17HC Capwell becomes President of the Oakland Council (1917 – 1918)
1918Fred Kilner becomes the first Star Scout in the Oakland Council
191901/01/19Fred. J. Hill becomes Scout Executive of the Oakland Council (1919 – 1920)
191901/20/19Camp Dimond, 28 acres of land is acquired from the FM Smith reserve for $20,000. Dimond is the first permanent camp of the Oakland-Piedmont Council.
191903/19/19Oakland-Piedmont Council dedicates Camp Dimond near Oakland’s Montclair district
191905/28/19Date the Oakland Area Council was Incorporated.
1919Council Headquarters moves to 577 Fourteenth Street for the OAC (1919 – 1931)
192001/05/20Homer Bemiss Jr elected Scout Executive of the Oakland Council (1920 – 1957) starting at $3,000.00 per year
192006/14/20Mess Hall is built at Camp Dimond by the Building Trades Council (40' x 112'), 4480 sq ft
192007/26/20Fred Sibley becomes the first Eagle Scout of the Oakland-Piedmont Council
1920Oakland Area Council, Council Headquarters, 221 Thayer Building, Oakland. Corner of 14th and
192103/05/21Piedmont severs connection with Oakland-Piedmont Council. Council renamed as Oakland Area Council Boy Scouts of America. Piedmont directors did not feel they were adequately funded as a Second class council.
192105/30/21Camp Dimond, 115’ camp flag pole installed, tallest in Bay Area at the time, flag flown at camp is 600 sq ft (20’ x 30’) and can be seen from 12th Street bridge at Lake Merritt. Flag pole was replaced in 1936 after it collapsed in a major wind storm
192201/26/22Homer Bemiss indicates that the "Sierra Mountain Camp" will be a reality
192209/05/22Hayward Scout Leaders move to have their own Scout Council complete with a Scout Camp and Scout Executive. The plan ultimately fizzles
192211/20/22Order of the Ohitekah Eagle Scout Association founded at Camp Dimond. One of first Eagle Associations in Country.
1922Abe Leach becomes President of Oakland Area Counciln/a
1922Scout Scribe the official publication of the Oakland Area Council is started
192307/10/23Sierra Mountain Camp is held in Truckee on Max Taft’s ranch on the Truckee river and in easy reach of Lake Tahoe.
192311/01/23Oakland Area Council hosts the Region 12 Scout Executive training at Camp Dimond for 80 Executives from seven states. It was the opinion of all present that Dimond was the finest and best equipped training center that the group had yet visited.
192311/11/2321 open-air Troop cabins were built at Camp Dimond over the past year to replace the tents that had been used since 1919. The cabins were built by various Troops as well as one by the Oakland Rotary Club, Oakland Kiwanis Club, Oakland Lions Club and one by the Alameda County Laundry Owners Association.
1924The OAC purchases the land occupied by the swimming pool at Dimond that was excluded from the original purchase
192504/03/25Ground Breaking ceremonies were held for construction of the 1500 seat Greek style amphitheater at Dimond. Built with funds raised by the Oakland Exchange Club
192505/23/251500 seat Greek style amphitheater is dedicated. Built with funds raised by the Oakland Exchange Club
192508/03/25Special two week session is held at sierra mountain camp (Dimond-O), 8/3-8/16
192510/23/25Sierra Mountain Camp property is made available to Scouts
192511/03/25The Oakland Council approves the purchase all the buildings and cabins from the United Commercial Company of San Francisco for $3800 to create Dimond-O
192601/12/26Dimond-O, land is leased from forest Service on a special use permit on lumber land from the former Peach and Fig Growers Assoc. 69 building originally on site
192604/11/26New summer camp in Sierras officially named Dimond-O (Outpost).
192604/12/26Original makeshift dam at Dimond-O was made of sand sacks placed across the river. The sacks would remain in place until the spring when the gang would pull the sand bags out to beat the spring floods.
192606/26/26First Aid Cabin is Dedicated at camp Dimond, built by Oakland Kiwanis Club
192607/26/26Rev. RC Waddell named chaplain for first summer at Dimond-O
192608/01/26First summer use of Dimond-O totaled 79 scouts and 22 leaders. At first Dimond-O was only open to veterans of Camp Dimond.
192704/01/27Patrol Leaders Conference for both the Oakland Council and the San Francisco Council was held at Camp Dimond.
192808/01/28First Eagles Flight in the high sierras is held (c 1928 – 1930). This was the special hike open only to Eagle Scouts
192811/03/28Ohitekah Tribe #2 from Stockton Council is organized
1928Bleachers and shower house are built by Oakland Kiwanis club at Dimond
192907/08/29First camp session of the seaside camp near the mouth of the Gualala river
1929Ohitekah Tribe #3 from the Bronx Valley Council of New York is organized
1929First Oakland Council camporee is held at Camp Dimond. The following year it is moved to Lakeside Park where it remained for 20 years
1929The nature den or bug house is built at Dimond
1929Gualala Wilderness Camp established at mouth of Gualala river (1929 – 1931)
193009/28/30Ohitekah tribes 1 & 2 campout at San Joaquin river
193012/30/30OAC have snow campout in Dorrington, CA
1930Frontiersmen Treks start at Camp (c1930 – 1944)
193104/30/31Oakland Exchange Club installs 500 gallon hot water tank to feed 10 heads in the Dimond shower room
193110/20/31Permanent concrete dam is built at Dimond-O to replace the temporary sand bag dam. Wooden slats were used to raise and lower the level of the swimming hole. The swimming hole averaged 6 feet deep and sloped from 4/12 feet to 9 feet.
193204/16/32Council Headquarters moves to 503 Plaza Building, Oakland
1932Dimond-O was opened to all scouts and dropped the requirement that you must be a veteran of Camp Dimond in order to attend. To qualify though a Scout must prove he can campout for two nights and a day and cook all his own meals.
1932The first Scout Moot is held at Dimond-O. A three-day gathering of Scouters and friends for fellowship, entertainment, relaxation and to fish, eat, swim and enjoy the rugged wildness of the old lumber camp
193301/16/33Jack Edgemond, SS Sea Hawk receives first ever Quartermaster Award in Region. He also received his Eagle badge in 1927
193303/26/33OAC Council Headquarters moves into the Camp Kiwanis building at Camp Dimond to become the new headquarters for the OAC (1933 – 1949)
193306/12/33Camp Dimond opens for summer camp
193405/21/34Dimond T at Dimond-O is organized for troops that wanted wilderness camping. T stood for Troop, phase out around 1947
193406/11/34Dimond and Dimond-O open for summer camp (three sessions)
193407/28/34First annual Sea Scout Rendezvous at Catalina Island
193409/01/34Annual Scouters Moot at Dimond-O
193409/29/34Annual camporee at Lake Merritt East Shore Park near Grand Lake Theater
193406/25 – 07/09Frontiersman Trek dates in high sierra to Pate Valley and White Wolf
1934Total Campers: Dimond (4317), Dimond-O (139), Dimond-T (134)
193509/03/35Dimond-O, mess hall burns down after fire starts in kitchen during the Scouters Moot weekend
193602/06/36North Pacific winds topple Camp Dimond’s 110’ flag pole. A smaller flag pole is installed later in the year to replace the pole that had been in use since 1921 and visible from downtown Oakland.
193605/08/36Rebuilding of the mess hall at Dimond-O takes place as a work party breaks ground on the new dinning hall and kitchen. Cost was $12,500
193606/14/36Oakland Council forms Chapter 40 of the Knights of Dunamis Eagle Scout Association
193706/23/37Scouts from the Oakland Council leave by train for the first National Jamboree in Washington. They will spend 10 days on the return trip going to New York, Niagara falls
193805/01/38Oakland Rotary Club donates money and materials to build the first aid station at Dimond-O
1939Boys Life (June) article indicates Camp Dimond will be provided as a camping spot for Scouts visiting the Golden Gate Exposition on Treasure Island.
194007/07/40Miwok is the name chosen as the tribe of Indians at Dimond-O. The following year it turns into Miwok Training which last 39 years until 1979.
19403642 Scouts in Oakland Council
1943The mortgage to Camp Dimond was paid off.
194405/27/44The Sweetwater Springs property in the Livermore hills is purchased by the Eastbay Auto Mechanics Union (Local 1546) for donation to the Oakland Council. This property would be named Rancho Los Mochos in 1949.
194406/25/44First campout at Los Mochos takes place when 60 scouts from Southern District visit the new Sweetwater springs wilderness camp
194501/01/45Camp Meek is established in San Lorenzo. Property donated by Mary Teel.
194501/24/45Sea-Bees from Camp Parks build camp road from Mines road to the main camp area. Previously only a mountain trail allowed you to access the camp
194510/01/45Oakland Schools bond measure of $15M (includes money for building of two new schools) passes. Ultimately the school site will be on the grounds of Camp Dimond
194606/08/46Annual council Camporee is held at East shore park at Lake Merritt
194603/10/18Construction of the camp roads and a water supply from a spring have been completed allowing the camp to now be used on a daily basis. Original access to camp was to the north of the existing entrance.
194706/01/47Family Camp area is developed at Dimond-O for families of the volunteer leaders.
194707/01/47Order of the Arrow Lodge is formed in the Oakland Area Council. Royaneh Lodge administers the first members that include Paul Meier & Ralph Clements. Ceremony is held ???????????. DE Don MacDougal is the main motivating force behind the founding of Machek N’Gult lodge.
194707/13/47The navy donates the Pacific Clipper LCTL boat to the Sea Scouts of Oakland
194710/04/47The first Ordeal ceremony is held for the Oakland Council by a team from Royaneh lodge and the first 12 members were inducted into the Order of the Arrow.
194710/30/47Oakland Public School advises Oakland Council that they want Camp Dimond property and will take any necessary steps to acquire the land.
194711/01/47An additional seven members were inducted at Los Mochos in Machek N’Gult first Ordeal Ceremony
1947OAC, Five districts:
194801/07/48Formal approval of the new lodge was made by National Council and the number 375 and the name Machek N’Gult was assigned
194801/18/48First official meeting of Machek N’Gult Lodge takes place. Paul Meier is elected chief. Don MacDougal becomes the first Lodge Adviser
194808/10/48Camp Dimond, closes forever at end of camping season after 29 years in Oakland
194810/01/48The first brotherhood ceremony is held for the Oakland Council at Camp Dimond by members of the Royaneh Lodge.
194811/14/48Camp Dimond property is turned over to the Oakland Board of Education following condemnation of the property. Council office remains on the property until May 1949.
194901/09/49Equipment and supplies from Camp Dimond are moved into temporary storage at Camp Shoemaker on the grounds of Camp Parks in Dublin
194901/09/49Los Mochos, construction of Swimming pool begins. Forms are prefabricated in the mess hall at Camp Dimond
194901/25/49Scout Cabins at Dimond are put up for sale to any perspective buyer
194902/06/49“The Arrow Point” newsletter, the official newsletter of Machek N’Gult Lodge 375 is published for the first time.
194903/01/49Oakland Public Schools takes possession of Camp Dimond. Grading begins as the former camp is flattened in preparation for the new school buildings. Sixty years later in 2009 a few support structures from the 2000 seat amphitheater, portions of the Indian village and some power lines are still visible.
194903/01/49Garfield Elementary School becomes temporary headquarters for the OAC
194905/08/49The famed “Bug House” containing BC Cain’s library and specimen collection from Camp Dimond is moved to Camp Meek in San Leandro (63 East Lewelling Blvd.)
194905/08/49Los Mochos name officially changed to Rancho Los Mochos
194905/29/4915 members of Machek N'Gult attend the first Area 12-B conclave at Camp Lilienthal
194906/18/49Moving Day for Scout office from Camp Dimond to Garfield Elementary School
194907/20/49OAC seeks permission from Oakland City Council to construct an admin and training center in the Clinton Park Square area. City Council approves
194910/02/49Machek N’Gult Lodge inducts the Redwood Area Council’s new lodge Mow-A-Toc into the order of the arrow at Camp Tish Tang.
194908/06/19First Wood badge Course in Region 12 history is held at Dimond-O, 08/06 - 08/14. First time course given on West Coast. Albert "abe" Atwood is first person from OAC to attend Wood badge
195002/05/50Machek N'Gult Lodge provides the Dimond-O Rock for the E. Urner Goodman Brotherhood Barn
195008/06/50Second Wood badge Course in Western States Held at Dimond-O, 08/26 - 09/03. Bill Maring from council attends
195008/09/50Oakland Council Naturalist BC Cain retires to concentrate on natural sciences full time.
195009/03/50Joaquin Miller Elementary School and Montera Junior High opens on grounds of the former Camp Dimond.
1950The first Oak Badge Training course is offered
195012/04/50Ground breaking ceremonies for the new headquarters of the OAC at Clinton Park (655 East 14th). Building will cost $65,0000 and will be 12,000 Sq. feet. Funds to construct the new building are from estate of Royce Barney, longtime Scout leader of the OAC.
1950Official Order of the Arrow neckerchief was adopted using a Golden Bear on Blue Arrowhead.
195105/21/51Oakland Council assistant Scout Exec and naturalist BC Cain dies
195106/15/51Council Headquarters moves to 655 E14th Street, Oakland (1951 – 1964). Approximately 11,000 Sq. Ft of space (95 x 120) and cost $50K with a 10-year lease and three 5-year extensions.
195110/02/51Lodge Adviser Don MacDougal is the first person in Machek N’Gult lodge to receive the Vigil honor at a ceremony held at Camp Royaneh.
1951Region 12 Wood badge course held at Dimond-O
195208/10/52Region 12 Wood badge course held at Dimond-O
1952Nelson Sanford becomes the Adviser of Machek N’Gult lodge
195302/12/53Oakland Nature Center is constructed at Lake Merritt by donations from the Rotary Club and the BC Cain memorial fund. Dr. Adams led the fundraising efforts for the Scouts. The Nature center is dedicated to BC Cain, longtime naturalist of the Oakland Council. The library and his specimen collection from Camp Dimond are preserved at the Nature Center.
195307/18/53Oakland Scouts from Troop 12, 33 and 95 including Howard Lincoln pose for Norman Rockwell’s “The Scoutmaster” at the 1953 Jamboree in Irving, CA
195308/16/53Region 12 Wood badge course held at Dimond-O, 08/16-08/23
1953Lou Josephs becomes ranger at Los Mochos
1953Los Mochos, year the dedication of camp took place
195410/01/54A new ceremony site was created at Los Mochos by Machek N’Gult Lodge. The site at Los Mochos is across the creek from the camp entrance on the side of the hill at the second big rock. The site would later be known as “Cardiac Hill” due to the climb.
195411/05/54After an Ordeal ceremony, 24 members took an airplane pleasure cruise and flew over Dimond-O and Yosemite Valley.
1954Neckerchief patch redesigned to indicate Lodge number and WWW Style.
1954Machek N’Gult lodge constructs an alter at the Church in the Wildwood at Dimond-O
1955Earl Hinden becomes the lodge adviser
1955Frank Zografos, former Lodge Chief, becomes the lodge adviser of Machek N’Gult
1956The Long barn, which was previously used as a trading post and storage was torn down due to poor condition.
1956Archie Loomer donates 48 acres to the Oakland Council for a Camp
195701/01/57Loomer Camp opens as a wilderness campsite
195701/01/57Machek N’Gult issues its’ first pocket flap known as the “F1” for $0.40
195701/01/57Machek N’Gult divides into two Chapters. Chapter 1 districts (Sunset, Lake, Central & Castle), Chapter 2 “Eden” districts (Chabot, Arroyo, Redwood, South, Twin Valley, Mission Peak) to make the lodge operations easier to handle
1957Frank Dix becomes Scout Executive of the Oakland Council (1957 – 1964)
1957Homer Bemis retires as Scout Executive of OAC after 37 years
195805/01/58Council requested additional acreage from Stanislaus national forest for D-O. An additional 80 acres was granted in May of 1958.
1958Permission asked for old buildings at Dimond-o to be demolished due to being unsafe. Buildings to be replaced by tent campsites.
1958Dining hall renovated, family service building finished, 50 troop tents purchased for the troop area
1958Frank Dix, Scout Executive, discusses the need for additional camp property with a lake large enough for teaching boating
195906/14/59Dimond-O, additional 80 acres of land is leased from the forest service. Fred W Taylor Trust of $20K was slated for a dormitory and clubhouse. Properties committee decided against that and instead completed with more than a mile of water lines laid and sanitation facilities of wash racks and toilets.
195906/26/59After a two year search led by Malcolm Storm, Oakland Board member William Gilmore moved and Paul Ehret seconded a motion that we purchase the Foley Ranch in Willits for use as Scout Reservation
195910/12/59First discussions held regarding council name change or merging
195910/12/59First encampment at newest Scout Camp takes place in Willits
1959Fourteen new campsites added. Jamboree style cooking added.
1960Oakland board discusses installing a Swimming pool due to the cold waters of the Tuolumne
1960The Scouter becomes the new publication for the Oakland Council
196304/23/63Machek N’Gult Lodge inducts first members into Miwok Lodge 439
196305/23/63Scout-O-Rama is held at Oakland Auditorium
196306/21/63Dedication Ceremony is held at Willits Scout Ranch for dam construction
196310/01/63Dam is completed at Scout Reservation, flood gates are closed


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