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Swegedaigea Lodge 263 (1944 - 1993)

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Seventeen years after the Silverado Area Council was organized, the Order of the Arrow in Napa was officially established on June 4, 1944 when its first charter was initiated.  


The Eagle was first chosen as the lodge’s totem, but shortly afterwards the totem was changed to the Golden Hawk. The first lodge flaps were then issued. Swegedaigea was a very active lodge in area 12B. In 1955, after a National reorganization, Swegedaigea was moved from area 12B to area 12C.  In 1960 Swegedaigea hosted its first Conclave. It was held at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard with about 400 Arrowmen attending. In 1973, Swegedaigea was moved back to area 12B. Sometime during this period the first lodge neckerchiefs were introduced. Yet after another National reorganization we were moved to Section W3C and then finally to Section W3A. 


Swegedaigea formed three chapters; Lake Chapter, Napa Chapter, and Solano Chapter. In 1981 Swegedaigea hosted another Conclave at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. “His Spirit Lives On, 1881- 1980 E. Umer Goodman” was the weekends theme to the 425 whom attended. A ‘Host ‘ lodge flap was then issued.  In 1986 Swegedaigea earned the Most Brotherhood•Achievement Award. 1987 saw the purchase of a lodge tepee. The lodge helps in the conservation and general improvement to the two council camps, Camp Silverado {founded in 1950) and Camp Berryessa.  With over 46 years of cheerful service behind us, our supporting role continues to be of major importance to Scouting in the Silverado Area CounciL


Forty-nine years after it was formed in June 1944, the last official business of Swegedaigea Lodge took place on xxxx,1993. Swegedaigea would merge with Oo Yum Buli Lodge 468 to form Ut-in Selica Lodge 58 of the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council.


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