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Machek N' Gult Vigils (1947 - 1965)

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The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities.  The following are the Arrowmen who received the Vigil honor in Machek N’ Gult Lodge 375:

1951DonMacDougalMachek N’Gult
1951GordonOsborneMachek N’Gult
1951FrankZografosMachek N’Gult
1956PaulBrayMachek N’Gult
1956RobertGilmoreMachek N’Gult
1957EllisWeiskerMachek N’Gult
1957LorringWyllieMachek N’Gult
1958JerryAbadMachek N’Gult
1958LawrenceBeekMachek N’Gult
1958JohnBianucciMachek N’Gult
1958KenBristowMachek N’Gult
1958RussCarrMachek N’Gult
1958DonLindseyMachek N’Gult
1958RichardMcDonaldMachek N’Gult
1958DonaldMcKay, Sr.Machek N’Gult
1958PaulMeier, Sr.Machek N’Gult
1958RichardStockingerMachek N’Gult
1958GrantVogelMachek N’Gult
1958EdWillMachek N’Gult
1961DavidArizuMachek N’Gult
1961LarryArzieMachek N’Gult
1961DaveThomas, Jr.Machek N’Gult
1961DonaldWilkinsonMachek N’Gult
1962FranArizuMachek N’Gult
1962JimBowlesMachek N’Gult
1962FredEmeraldMachek N’Gult
1962CharlesFiskMachek N’Gult
1962JamesHunt, Jr.Machek N’Gult
1962JohnMillerMachek N’Gult
1962KitOaseMachek N’Gult
1962LarryPineMachek N’Gult
1963PeterArizuMachek N’Gult
1963PaulLeongMachek N’Gult
1963JasperSteeleMachek N’Gult
1964StanleyFalkMachek N’Gult
1964WilliamHatfieldMachek N’Gult
1964DennisHawMachek N’Gult
1964DeanHeywoodMachek N’Gult
1964GrantHollingshausMachek N’Gult
1964TimothyHoughtonMachek N’Gult
1964JimLeDouxMachek N’Gult
1964MichaelMannshardtMachek N’Gult
1964PaulMeier, Jr.Machek N’Gult
1964GeorgeMurilloMachek N’Gult
1964FrankRizzoMachek N’Gult
1964RobertRoss, Jr.Machek N’Gult
1964LesterStewartMachek N’Gult
1964DanielWhiteMachek N’Gult
1964ElwynWhiteMachek N’Gult


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