History of the Golden Gate Area Council


Council Office Locations (All councils)

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404 Eleventh Street, OaklandOAC19161916
24th / Harrison, OaklandOAC19171919
577 Fourteenth Street (Thayer Building – Suites 219-224), OaklandOAC19191932Oakland 637
503 Plaza Building (Camp Kiwanis building), Oakland (15th/Washington)OAC19321933
Camp Dimond, 5555 Ascot Drive, OaklandOAC19331949
Garfield Elementary School, 1640 22nd Ave, OaklandOAC19491951
655 E14th Street, Oakland (PO Box 796)OAC19511964TEmpbar 4-9660
760 Market Street (944 Pheland Building), San FranciscoSFC19171918
706 Market Street (1100 Mutal Bank building), San FranciscoSFC19181921
704 Market Street, San FranciscoSFC19211932Garfield 520
755 Market Street, San FranciscoSFC19321939DOuglas 0578
105 Montgomery St (California-Pacific Building), San Francisco 4SFC19391950DOuglas 0578
111 O’Farrell, San Francisco 2SFC19501955GAfield 1-5792
1231 Market Street (Hotel Whitcomb, 8th Floor), San FranciscoSFC19551959Underhill 1-4400
333 Fell Street, 3rd Floor, San FranciscoSFC19591963Underhill 1-4400
655 E14th Street, Oakland (PO Box 796)SFBAC19641974TEmpbar 4-9660
5228 Dimond Heights Blvd, San Francisco (service center)SFBAC1971unknown415.647.9509
8480 Enterprise Way, Oakland (new building cost $517K)SFBAC19741999415.638.3600
140 Second Street, San Francisco (rented branch office)SFBAC19841987415.543.8780
124 Beale Street, San Francisco (rented branch office)SFBAC19871998?415.543.8780
186 Second Street, San Francisco (co-existing with National Scout Shop)SFBAC19982001?
1001 Davis Street, San LeandroSFBAC20002020510.577.9000
2950 Merced Street, San Leandro (temp site)SFBAC19991999510.577.9000
1409 Park Street, AlamedaALC19171921
Central and Oak, AlamedaALC19211923
1412 Park Street, AlamedaALC19231928
City Hall, AlamedaALC19281950
1724 Santa Clara Ave, AlamedaALC19501975
1903 Third Street, AlamedaALC19751995
1714 Everette Street, AlamedaALC19952020
1001 Davis Street, San LeandroGGAC06/202007/2021510.577.9000
800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant HillGGAC06/202011/2021925.674.6100
1714 Everette Street, AlamedaGGAC06/2020Present
6601 Owens Dr, Pleasanton (Headquarters)GGAC11/2021Present925.674.6100
1955 West Texas St. Suite 1, FairfieldGGAC2023Present


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