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Founders Award Recipients (1981 - Present)

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The Founders Award is the highest National award that a local lodge can bestow upon its members. Introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Founder’s Award recognizes Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge.  The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service, as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson.  A maximum of two awards per year can be awarded by the local lodge.


Between 1981 and today, a number of members from Yerba Buena Lodge or our Legacy Lodges have been honored with the Founders Award.  Below is the list of Founders Award recipients that have received the award in our council.

1981SteveKlineAchewon NimatSFBAC
1981BillLewisAchewon NimatSFBAC
1982DavidJonasAchewon NimatSFBAC
1982DonWilkinsonAchewon NimatSFBAC
1985ShepherdHendrixAchewon NimatSFBAC
1985ScottRoweAchewon NimatSFBAC
1986EmersonChinAchewon NimatSFBAC
1986LewGardnerAchewon NimatSFBAC
1987BillAlexanderAchewon NimatSFBAC
1987CraigLeightyAchewon NimatSFBAC
1988MarkClevengerAchewon NimatSFBAC
1988TomPrestonAchewon NimatSFBAC
1989JimCarpenterAchewon NimatSFBAC
1989EricClevengerAchewon NimatSFBAC
1993BillParkerAchewon NimatSFBAC
1994GrahamRichAchewon NimatSFBAC
1994JackWyntonAchewon NimatSFBAC
1995JeremyDavisAchewon NimatSFBAC
1995CharlesGillinghamAchewon NimatSFBAC
1996RonGoodmanAchewon NimatSFBAC
1996KenMortonAchewon NimatSFBAC
1997RobWongAchewon NimatSFBAC
1997LenardZavertnikAchewon NimatSFBAC
1998RyanFernandezAchewon NimatSFBAC
1998JimSmithAchewon NimatSFBAC
1999DominicPascucciAchewon NimatSFBAC
2000RobertDalnokiAchewon NimatSFBAC
2000MattGriffisAchewon NimatSFBAC
2001CharlesHoffmanAchewon NimatSFBAC
2001CharlesWatsonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2002ClaudeBrookeAchewon NimatSFBAC
2002ArthurHilmoe-SwansonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2003PhilAbreu Jr.Achewon NimatSFBAC
2003BarbaraEricksonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2004ChrisBieschkeAchewon NimatSFBAC
2005BrianChalmersAchewon NimatSFBAC
2005WarrenChanAchewon NimatSFBAC
2006MichaelConnellyAchewon NimatSFBAC
2006DanielSaletAchewon NimatSFBAC
2007ElizabethBrandonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2007EdJordanAchewon NimatSFBAC
2008PatrickBoileauAchewon NimatSFBAC
2008KariCostaAchewon NimatSFBAC
2009JasonCostaAchewon NimatSFBAC
2009YvonneWatsonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2010ElizabethBoileauAchewon NimatSFBAC
2010JasonEdgarAchewon NimatSFBAC
2011HarryClydeAchewon NimatSFBAC
2012HansMortimerAchewon NimatSFBAC
2013No one selected Achewon Nimat
2014No one selected Achewon Nimat
2015BenSebastianAchewon NimatSFBAC
2015TimShepoddAchewon NimatSFBAC
2016KyleBergAchewon NimatSFBAC
2016AdrianTsangAchewon NimatSFBAC
2017MarkStephensonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2017John WaltonAchewon NimatSFBAC
2018AndrewDivitaAchewon NimatSFBAC
2018RobSantosAchewon NimatSFBAC
2019NicholasMonaghanAchewon NimatSFBAC
2019MichaelYoungAchewon NimatSFBAC
2020MelissaBergAchewon NimatSFBAC
2020EricParnellAchewon NimatSFBAC
2020AaronRegisterAchewon NimatSFBAC
2021WendyLabergeYerba Buena GGAC
2021AdityaSriramYerba Buena GGAC
2022LenaDempseyYerba Buena GGAC
2022Henry JohnsonYerba Buena GGAC


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