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Section Conclaves (12B / W3A / W3B / W3S / W3N / G17N)

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A Section Conclave is a gathering of Lodge Arrowmen from all around the section for competition, training, activities, best practices, and most of all to have fun and fellowship!   Conclaves typically happen once a year and are normally held at a Scout Camp of the host lodge or at a location that can support a few hundred Scouts.  Below are the conclaves that our Lodge and legacy lodges have attended or hosted.


1945UCanalino #90Camp DrakeFirst Area U Fellowship Mtg
1946USpe-Le-Yai #249Camp Bill Lane5 lodges in area but no conf
194712-BMachek N'Gult 375 formed (Jul '47)
194812-B5 lodges in area but no conf
19494/29/194912-BRoyanehSan FranciscoCamp Lilienthal (Fairfax)First Conclave (35 attendees)
195012-BMachek N'GultOaklandOakland Tourist Club (Oakland)First conclave patch produced
195112-BSwegedaigeaVallejoLokoya Lodge (Napa Valley)
19524/19/195212-BRoyanehSan FranciscoCamp Lilienthal (Fairfax)
195312-BKaweahAlamedaGovernment Island (Alameda)
195412-BMow-a-tocRedwoodElk River Scout Camp (Eureka)
19554/22/195512-BMachek N'GultOaklandPark AF Base (Dublin)
19563/17/195612-BStanford-OljatoStanfordCamp Jones Gulch (La Honda)
19573/30/195712-BOO-Yum-BuliMt DiabloBar 49 Ranch (St Helena)
19583/22/195812-BRoyanehSan FranciscoCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)
195912-BKaweahAlamedaAlameda Naval Air Station (Alameda)
196012-BArea Boardn/aMare Island (Vallejo)
196112-BArea Boardn/aGovernment Island (Alameda)
196212-BArea Boardn/aCamp Jones Gulch (La Honda)
196312-BArea Boardn/aAlameda Naval Air Station (Alameda)
196412-BArea Boardn/aMoffett field (Sunnyvale)
196512-BArea Boardn/aHamilton AF Base (Novato)Royaneh & Machek Merge
196612-BArea Boardn/aTreasure Island (San Francisco)
196712-BArea Boardn/aCapuchino High School (San Bruno)
19684/19/196812-BArea Boardn/aCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)MiwokUnity through brotherhood
196912-BArea Boardn/aCamp Tamarancho (Fairfax)OO-Yum-BuliSpringboard '69
197012-BArea Boardn/aAlameda Fairgrounds (Pleasanton)TalakoArrowspace '70
197112-BArea Boardn/aCapuchino High School (San Bruno)Achewon NimatReturn to the Vision
197212-BArea Boardn/aPacific High School (San Leandro)OO-Yum-BuliSpirit of the arrow
1973W3AArea Boardn/aCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)HungteetsipoppiBrotherhood Thru Camping
1974W3AKaweahAlamedaGovernment Island (Alameda)Stanford-OljatoForwwward-N-Service
1975W3AAchewon NimatSFBACFort Cronkite (Marin)Achewon NimatWeld Tightly Every Link
1976W3AMiwokSanta ClaraSanta Clara Fairgrounds (Santa Clara)OO-Yum-BuliWorthy of the Arrow
1977W3AEsselenMontereyFort Ord Army Base (Monterey)KaweahMe and My Arrow
1978W5AOO-Yum-BuliMt DiabloTreasure Island (San Francisco)Stanford-OljatoPomponio
1979W5APomponioSan MateoCamp Parks (Dublin)PomponioPomponioBuilding Through Service
19804/11/1980W3AStanford-OljatoStanfordFoothill College (Los Altos)Stanford/HungteetStanford-OljatoToday's Challenge, Tomorrow's Future
1981W3ASwegedaigeaSilveradoMare Island (Vallejo)Stanford-OljatoStanford-OljatoHis Spirit Lives On
1982W3ATalakoMarinCamp Tamarancho (Fairfax)KaweahTalakoYou Were Sent to Seek the Vision
1983W3AHungteetsipoppiPiedmontCamp Parks (Dublin)Kaweah / OO-Yum-BuliOO-Yum-BuliIn Spirit We Live
1984W3AKaweahAlamedaUSS Carl Vinson (Alameda)OO-Yum-BuliMiwokFor Those We Serve
19854/12/1985W3AAchewon NimatSFBACSan Francisco Presidio (San Francisco)MiwokMiwokService Tradition Honor
1986W3AMiwokSanta ClaraAgnews Residential Facility (Santa Clara)PomponioMiwokA Great American Tradition
1987W3APomponioSan MateoTreasure Island (San Francisco)PomponioMiwokSpirit Through Service
1988W3AOO-Yum-BuliMt DiabloChevron Park (San Ramon)PomponioPomponioThe Flame Thrives Within You
1989W3ASectionnaGovernment Island (Alameda)KaweahPomponioWeld Tightly the Links of Brotherhood
1990W3AStanford-OljatoStanfordMoffett Field (Sunnyvale)KaweahStanford-OljatoA Proud Tradition Still Remains
1991W3ASwegedaigeaSilveradoMare Island (Vallejo)Test the Bow and Let it Go
1992W3ATalakoMarinCoast Guard Training Center (Petaluma)MiwokMiwokEver Mindful of our Purpose
1993W3ASectionn/aTreasure Island (San Francisco)MiwokBridge of Brotherhood
1994W3AKaweahAlamedaAlameda Naval Air Station (Alameda)Achewon NimatHearts and Wills United
1995W3AAchewon NimatSFBACCamp Parks (Dublin)MiwokAchewon NimatBearing a Message of Service
1996W3AMiwokSanta ClaraCamp Parks (Dublin)Achewon NimatAchewon NimatService: That's What WWWere All About
1997W3AEsselenMontereyCSU Monterey Bay (Monterey)Achewon NimatAchewon NimatListen to our Admonitions
1998W3AUt-In SelicaMt Diablo/SilveradoTravis Air Force Base (Fairfield)Achewon NimatAchewon NimatMadness at Travis
1999W3AOhlonePacific SkylineCutter Scout Reservation (Boulder Creek)Achewon NimatAchewon NimatBack to the Beginning
2000W3ATalakoMarinCoast Guard Training Center (Petaluma)MiwokAchewon NimatThree Sections-Two Rocks-One Conclave
2001W3AHungteetsipoppiPiedmontGovernment Island (Alameda)Achewon NimatAchewon NimatMake W3A Yours
2002W3AAchewon NimatSFBACCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)Achewon NimatWhoa
2003W3AMiwokSanta ClaraRoaring Camp (Felton)HungteetsipoppiHungteetsipoppiOn the Track of the Arrow
2004W3AEsselenMontereySanta Cruz Fairgrounds (Watsonville)HungteetsipoppiHungteetsipoppiLeadership from Within
2005W3AUt-In SelicaMt Diablo/SilveradoNapa County Fairgrounds (Napa)MiwokHungteetsipoppiUncork the Fun
2006W3AOhlonePacific SkylineCutter Scout Reservation (Boulder Creek)HungteetsipoppiAchewon NimatDude, Where's my Conclave
2007W3ATalakoMarinCollege of Marin (Kentfield)HungteetsipoppiMiwok
2008W3AHungteetsipoppiPiedmontGovernment Island (Alameda)MiwokNo Arrowman Left Behind
2009W3SAchewon NimatSFBACCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)Achewon NimatThe OA Team
2010W3SMiwokSanta ClaraCamp Chesebrough (Boulder Creek)OhloneGood Planets are hard to find
2011W3SEsselenMontereyPresidio of Monterey (Monterey)
2012W3SUt-In SelicaMt Diablo/SilveradoChaffee Zoo (Fresno)
2013W3SOhlonePacific Skyline
2015W3SGovernment Island (Alameda)
20164/22/2016W3SAchewon NimatSFBACCamp Royaneh (Cazadero)
20174/20/2017W3SCamp Lehi (Santa Cruz)
20184/20/2018W3SCamp Chawanakee (Shaver Lake)
20194/26/2019W3SCutter Scout Reservation (Boulder Creek)
20209/12/2020W3S/W3NVirtual Conclave
20219/10/2021W3S/W3NGovernment Island (Alameda)
2022G17NCamp Lassen


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