History of the Golden Gate Area Council


Council Sponsored Trails

Presidio of San Francisco Historic Trail (Est 1965) – San Francisco Bay Area Council:

The Presidio Historic Trail is a 7 mile trail that passes 27 points of interest within the Presidio of San Francisco and is designed for older Scouts/Explorers.


Presidio of San Francisco Cub Trail (Est 1981) – San Francisco Bay Area Council:

Designed for Cub Scouts, the Cub Trail is a shorter version of the Historic Trail.


Rim Rovers (Est 19xx) – San Francisco Bay Area Council:

The Rim Rovers progressive hike is designed for older Scouts/Explorers.  There are 6 Locations (Mt Diablo; Mt St. Helena; Mt Tamalpais; Mt Wittenberg; Pinnacles NM and  Mission Peak).


Trail Trekkers (Est 19xx) – San Francisco Bay Area Council:

Designed for Cub Scouts.  12 Locations (Angel Island; Black Diamond Mine; Coyote Hills; Flag Hill; Hoot Owl; Huckleberry Botanic Preserve; Little Yosemite; Morgan Territory; Redwood Creek; Rodeo Lagoon; Sycamore Grove and Wildcat Peak).


Sunol-Del Valle (Est 19xx) – San Francisco Bay Area Council:

The Sunol-Del Valle hike went through the Ohlone Wilderness Area with end points at Del Valle and either Sunol or Mission Peak.


McKie-Rounds Trail (Est 1960’s) – Camp Stephens, Alameda Council:

The McKie-Rounds trail was a hike that started and ended at Camp Stephens.  The hike was approximately 35 miles long and took between 3 and 7 days to complete.  Yu had to be a registered camper at Stephens in order to sign up for the hike. Most of the hike was level to downhill through the Sierra’s and had stops at many lakes where fishing was “splendid”.

Fages Trail (Est 1973) – Oo Yum Buli Lodge, Mt Diablo Council:

The Fages Trail, is a 10.4 mile Historic Trail of the former Mt. Diablo Council and was established in 1973 by Oo Yum Buli Lodge, Order of the Arrow.  It marks the route traversed two centuries ago by the first European expedition of record. They passed through the East Bay Hills seeking a route to Point Reyes. It is named in honor of the expedition’s leader Captain Pedro Fages (pronounced Fah Hace).


Fages II Trail (Est 1990) – Oo Yum Buli Lodge, Mt Diablo Council:

The Fages II hike is organized and run by the Order of the Arrow and is a 20 mile hike


Highlander (Est 19xx) – Mt Diablo Silverado Council:

The Highlander progressive hike has 13 Locations (Anderson Marsh State Historic Park; Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest; Snow Mountain Wilderness Area; Goat Rock; Dorn Nature Trail; The Redbud Trail; Mt Konocti; Black Diamond Mines; Briones Regional Park; Fages Trail; Las Trampas Regional Wilderness; Mt Diablo State Park and Mt. St. Helena.


Wolf-Bray Trail (Est 19xx) – Mt Diablo Council:

The Wolf-Bray Trail was a week long hike between the Scout camps of Camp Bray and Camp Wolfeboro and was approximately 52 miles in length.  The hike had stops at Spicer Meadow, Dardanelles, Coopers Meadow, Wire Lake, Camp lake and Crabtree Camp.


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