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Distinguished Service Award (DSA) 1940 - Present

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The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is the highest honor that the National Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members.  Established by the National Order of the Arrow committee in 1940, the DSA is presented to Arrowmen who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis.



The award consists of a sterling silver arrowhead pointing upwards and suspended from a white ribbon that is embroidered with red arrows.  Along with the ribbon, a corresponding Scouters square knot (a white square on a red background) is also presented.



Between 1940 and today, a number of members from Yerba Buena or our Legacy Lodges have been awarded the Distinguished Service Award.  Nationwide less than 750 Arrowmen have been awarded the DSA.  Below is the list of DSA recipients that have received the award in our council.

1954Edward “Ed”DikeRoyanehSFC
1958Kenneth “Ken”BechtelRoyanehSFC
1971DonWilkinsonAchewon NimatSFBAC
1973DonWylieOo Yum BuliMDC
1979GilTalmadgeOo Yum BuliMDC
1983RubardGordan “Gordy”Oo Yum BuliMDC
1986ToddBrohaughOo Yum BuliMDC
1988KenGallowayOo Yum BuliMDC
1998MarkStolowitzAchewon NimatSFBAC
2002DonMcChesneyAchewon NimatSFBAC
2004Dominic “Dom”PascucciAchewon NimatSFBAC
2004Matthew “Matt”GriffisAchewon NimatSFBAC
2006CraigLeightyAchewon NimatSFBAC
2018Robert “Rob”WongAchewon NimatSFBAC


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