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Yerba Buena Award Recipients

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Each December at the lodge banquet, Yerba Buena honors a number of Arrowman and Villages for their exceptional contributions to the lodge during the year.  

Founders Award:

The Founder’s Award was first introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)and honors Arrowmen in the Order of the Arrow (OA) for unselfish service above and beyond their normal duties to their lodge. The award is a bronze medallion bearing the images of Goodman and Edson. The reverse of the medallion reads “For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest” which was Goodman’s prime reason for starting the Order of the Arrow.  If the lodge presents more than one award, at least one must be awarded to a youth under the age of 21.

Arrowman of the Year:

The Arrowman of the Year Award is the most prestigious award the lodge awards. With the recipients determined by the Lodge Key 3, this award is given annually to 2-5 deserving members, and is meant to recognize outstanding service.  

James E. West Society:

The James E. West honor is presented to a Youth who has demonstrated exceptional service to the Lodge over the course of the year.

Village of the Year:

The Village of the Year Award is given to the village which participates and serves the most in lodge activities and events.

Elangomat Award:

The Elangomat award is given to each Elangomat where 50% of their Ordeal candidates have sealed their membership with the Brotherhood honor. 


2021AbhiramMokkapatiArrowman of yearWek Wek
2021ChaseVanDerveerArrowman of yearKaweah
2021WendyLabergeFounders AwardKaweah
2021AdityaSriramFounders AwardSwegedaigea
2021AbhiramMokkapatiJames E WestWek Wek
2021AdityaSriramJames E WestSwegedaigea
2021ChaseVanDerveerJames E WestKaweah
2021Wekemnayon VillageVillage of YearWekemnayon
2022EricParnellArrowman of yearSeunen
2022AnanyaSriramArrowman of yearSwegedaigea
2022SteveKlineArrowman of yearWekemnayon
2022JessicaStevensArrowman of yearWekemnayon
2022ChaseVanDerveerArrowman of yearKaweah
2022Brayden YeeElangomatRoyaneh
2022LenaDempseyFounders AwardWekemnayon
2022Henry JohnsonFounders AwardKchinkwehlak
2022Henry JohnsonJames E WestKchinkwehlak
2022JessicaStevensJames E WestWekemnayon
2022Wekemnayon VillageVillage of YearWekemnayon


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