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Wolfeboro Pioneers (Est 1929) - Camp Wolfeboro Honor Society

The Camp Wolfeboro Pioneers is a camp honor society dedicated to Camp Wolfeboro.  The Pioneers were founded in 1929 and its purpose is to perpetuate the high standards of camping and Scouting at Camp Wolfeboro and is dedicated to the promotion of camping including good fellowship and sportsmanship and making the camping experience enjoyable for present and future campers.


Youth members are elected by scouts in camp and Adults/staff candidates are elected by society members. Methods of elections have changed through the years. Youth must be at least First Class, spent one week in camp the previous year and have held a unit leadership position. Candidates are called out on Friday night then undergo an overnight induction process. There are no ranks or levels within the group but they do have officers.


Pioneer Beginnings:

Before camp opened in 1929 the Camp Director Fred A. Flanders called a meeting with all the members of the 1928 summer camp present. A discussion took place regarding the ways and means of impressing the new scouts with certain ideals and standards of camping. Consequently, the Wolfeboro Pioneers were established at this meeting. 


During the 1929 season, only those scouts who attended the first camp in 1928 could become members of the Pioneers. No others were inducted into the organization.  During the first year, the focus of the Pioneers was on service projects to improve Camp Wolfeboro. The big project for the Pioneers during 1929 was laying out the camp trails. Under the direction of the Hike Master, many of Wolfeboro’s original trails were laid out.  At the first Wolfeboro Pioneers meeting in 1930, the members realized that some steps would have to be taken regarding membership if the organization was to continue. Only a few scouts from 1928 were present but they worked out the requirements for membership in the Wolfeboro Pioneers.


1. The scout must have been at Wolfeboro for at least two weeks of a previous year.

2. The scout must have demonstrated some form of leadership.

3. The scout must be ready to help lesser informed scouts.

4. The Scout must have done an act of service to make Wolfeboro a better camp.

Two thoughts seemed to run through the discussion of membership requirement. First, all Pioneers should work to make Wolfeboro a better camp; and second, the Wolfeboro Pioneers should inspire new scouts to want to come to camp again.  During the summer of 1930 two Pioneer scouts constructed the first sundial atop Pioneer Rock, and dedicated it to the the eight people who served as the first camp staff of 1928. A second sundial on a permanent mounting was added in 1935.


At a 1938 meeting of the Wolfeboro Pioneers, it was suggested that the organization’s rules and regulations be revised. Through the leadership and efforts of the Pioneer President, the Purpose and Creed were drafted and approved by the membership. They have stayed virtually unchanged since 1938.



The Purpose of the Wolfeboro Pioneers:

1. Perpetuate high standards of camping and Scouting at Camp Wolfeboro.

2. Advise and assist new Scouts and make their stay at Wolfeboro a happy one.

3. Promote good fellowship and good sportsmanship in all activities.

4. Initiate and complete such projects as will make Wolfeboro a better camp (with camp director approval).

5. Assist in receiving and conducting visitors about camp.

6. Encourage camping at Wolfeboro when at home and especially in my own troop.



The Creed of the Wolfeboro Pioneers:

1.  I will so conduct myself that the standards of the Wolfeboro Pioneers will be kept at the highest possible level.

2.  I agree to make Wolfeboro a better place in which to camp.

3.  If I am honored with a leadership position, I will do my best to maintain harmony within the group and to accomplish the desired end.

4.  I agree to assist other Scouts as they grow and develop in the great ideal of Scouting.

5.  I agree that, in judging a candidate for the Wolfeboro Pioneer organization, I will remember my own shortcomings and will not let small personal things sway my judgment.

6.  If it is found that I am not maintaining the standards as set forth in this creed, I agree to withdraw my name from the membership of the Wolfeboro Pioneers.

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