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1914???San Francisco Troop 3 is organized in Chinatown. Oldest continuously operating Troop in the San Francisco Bay Area Council. Troop 3 was originally located in District 1 of the San Francisco Council
191501/08/15San Francisco Troop 12 performs for President Taft at Pan Pacific Exposition. Future SF President CC Moore is President of Exposition
1915San Francisco Troop 14 is organized. Homer Bemiss is the Scoutmaster (future Scout Executive of the Oakland Area Council).
191611/15/16Arthur. H. “Pi” Myer from the Bakersfield Council becomes First Eagle Scout in California. Moves to Berkeley, but becomes a member of Troop 17 of the San Francisco Council (c 1920). In early 1974 Myer would help cut the ribbon to dedicate the new SFBAC Council office in Oakland. He passed away ten months later in December of 1974.
191611/16/1633 men meet at the Palace hotel in San Francisco to discuss forming a youth movement for the city. From that meeting the gentlemen apply for an official charter with the Boy Scouts of America to create the San Francisco District Council.
191612/08/16First meeting of the San Francisco Council Executive board is held at 58 Sutter Street in San Francisco to discuss position nominations and to select an Executive Secretary for the new council.
191701/15/17Raymond O. Hanson officially becomes Scout Executive of the SFC (Jan. 1917 – Feb. 1938). Hanson was formerly the Executive Secretary of the San Francisco YMCA
191701/15/17Jesse Lilienthal officially becomes President of the San Francisco Council (1917 – 1919)
191701/25/17San Francisco Council is officially organized into a Council (1917 – 1964) with 10 troops and 193 boys, including Troop 3 & Troop 14. Headquarters is located in at 760 Market Street in the Phelan building.
191706/11/17First ever Summer Training Camp for the San Francisco Council is held at Warner Canyon in Mill Valley on the property of Dr. Alexander Warner. Raymond O Hanson and Homer Bemiss run the camp. June 11th to July 9th.
191710/01/17First issue of the San Francisco Scout is published. This is the official newsletter of the San Francisco Council. Annual subscription price is $0.50 per year.
191803/01/18706 Market Street, SF new SFC Headquarters – 4 offices and a conference room
191803/01/18San Francisco Band is organized
191806/24/18Summer Training Camp moves from Warner Canyon in Mill Valley to Olema at Pt Reyes at the Hart Hill Ranch. June 24th to July 22
1918Francis B Hayne becomes first Eagle Scout of the San Francisco Council
1918San Francisco Scout Band is Organized
191902/01/19SFC, opens Camp Lilienthal at Pine Lake near present day Stern Grove (34th & Sloat Ave) as weekend training camp. Named after 1st Council President Jesse Lilienthal
191910/05/19Camp Lilienthal dedication ceremony takes place.
192006/19/20SF Summer Training camp moves from Olema to Elim Grove in Cazadero after the Howard ranch at Pt. Reyes is sold. June 19th to July 16th
192010/21/20Executive committee approves $2500 for construction of Club house and Mess hall at Camp Lilienthal in San Francisco
192107/20/21San Francisco Council organizes a Sea Scout department with Capt Joseph Pugh as Portmaster. Headquarters for the Sea Scouts is a the foot of Buchanan street
192308/03/23Boys Scouts from the San Francisco council act as honor guards at President Harding’s funeral who died in San Francisco at the Palace hotel.
1924First Sea Scout regatta held on San Francisco Bay.
192504/15/25Watson Ranch in Cazadero is purchased by the SFC for use as a summer camp. Charles Watson will remain at the ranch as the caretaker.
192504/19/25Knights Of Dunamis Eagle Scout Association founded. Ten Eagle Scouts meet in the office of Scout Executive Raymond O. Hanson for the purpose of organizing an association that would hold the interests of Eagle Scouts, uphold the dignity of the Eagle Award, and provide a base for continuing leadership in the Scouting movement. That night it was decided to organize an association of Eagle Scouts devoted to service called the Knights OF Dunamis.
192504/30/25George Hart wins the competition for the naming of the new summer camp. Royaneh is an Iroquois Indian name that means “camp of joy” or “Meeting place of the tribes”
192506/01/25Camp Lilienthal (SF location) closes due to lack of funds
192506/24/25Camp Royaneh opens as the new summer training camp for the SFC
1925Camp Pahatsi snow lodge of the Tahoe Area Council near Donner Summit is used for Council Winter Campout for first time. Scouts take train to the camp and then hike 600 feet to the lodge above the train
1926Council Headquarters moves to 704 Market Street, SF – SFC, Headquarters address
192707/24/27High Sierra mountain trek held. At first it was named Circle S and then renamed later to Crescent M in honor of President Charles Moore.
192801/23/28Mortage on Camp Royaneh is burned in ceremony at the 11th annual dinner at the Clift Hotel. Enough money was raised by the Scouts to also puchase a campn/a
192801/24/28New camp to be named after Jesse M Lilienthal founder of the scout movement in San Francisco
192904/15/29Camp Lilienthal land is purchased for $22000 from the William Kent estate to John McGregor and Max Lilienthal as trustees for SF Council
192905/26/29781 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax - Camp Lilienthal Address (2nd camp Location)
192906/01/29Camp Jesse W. Lilienthal (Marin location) opens as weekend and summer camp
193012/01/30First eight Cub Packs are organized in San Francisco
1931San Francisco District 8 becomes San Mateo County Council
1934Troop 82 builds an indoor Scout cabin complete with stage in the basement of Scoutmaster Harry Kahn’s house. The logs that make up the cabin come from Camp Royaneh.
1934Clarks Grove is dedicated at Camp Royaneh
1934Frank Merriman becomes skipper of the Sea Scouts
193501/01/35Plans underway to send 200 SFC scouts to first ever National Jamboree in Washington, DC
193504/05/35Lord Baden Powell visits SFC Merit Badge Exposition and is guest of honor at Eagle Ceremony.
193504/05/35Lord Baden Powell is given an honorary membership in Knights of Dunamis during his trip to SF
193504/30/35SFC Council headquarters moves to 105 Montgomery Street, 6th floor, SF
193505/18/35Camp Lilienthal property is paid off and is now owned free and clear to the SF Council.
1935Tevis Hospital is built above the existing amphitheater and spans the creek.
1936755 Market St, SF - SFC, Headquarters address
193804/13/38Camp Royaneh is renamed in honor of the second San Francisco Council President (Charles C Moore). Camp CC Moore is name is used until 1950.
1938John “Jno” L. Tilden becomes San Francisco Scout Executive (1938 – 1948)
193905/05/39Troop 3 is the first Troop in SF Council to receive the 25 year emblem in honor of their founding in 1914. Scoutmaster Chingwah Lee is the oldest active Scout/Scouter in San Francisco
1939East Austin Creek is Dammed to create a new swimming hole (affectionately known as Roman’s Plunge)
194004/20/40Knights of Dunamis Grove is dedicated at Camp Royaneh in honor of its founder, San Francisco Scout Exec Raymond O. Hanson.
194312/01/43Sea Scout base in San Francisco suffers major damage after a massive storm hits the bay area destroying 17 Scout boats and the loss of the base itself.
194407/01/44Chief Raymond O Hanson, first Scout Exec of the San Francisco Council and founder of the Knights of Dunamis, dies in Los Angeles after a battle with cancer
194411/15/44Original Troop 3 Scout and then Scoutmaster Chingwah Lee in movie “30 seconds over Tokyo” in the role as Guerilla Charlie
194411/29/44Royaneh Lodge #282 Order of the Arrow is formed when the board of directors of the SF Council approves an application for a national charter to form an Order of the Arrow Lodge. The lodge will have a chapter at both Camp Royaneh and Camp Lilienthal. The charter application fee was $10.00.
194502/01/45“The Royanehan” newsletter, the official newsletter of Royaneh Lodge 282 is published for the first time
194510/20/45First Annual order of the Arrow Conclave held at Camp Lilienthal
1945Nick Schneider becomes Ranger/Caretaker of Camp Royaneh (1945 – 1958).
1946The San Francisco twelve districts were reorganized into six districts to make it easier for the field service personnel
1947Major construction projects at Lilienthal required before 1948 camping season can open. Old fridge was condemned by city and removed. Concrete bulkheads must be added to the administration and vocational building. Fire improvements, garage or storage facility built to prevent our supplies from deteriorating. Board approved up to $10,000 be borrowed on a deed of trust with immediate loan of $6,000
1948Oscar C. Alverson becomes Scout Executive of the SFC (1948 – 1954)
1950SFC, Headquarters address, 111 O’ Farrell, SF
195103/01/51Work begins on construction of new entrance to camp road from the Cazadero Hwy to be known as Scanlon Road. The new 16’ roadbed will also bypass the original road that ran adjacent to the creek next to Romans Plunge.
195110/01/51Construction of the swimming pool begins courtesy of $30,000 from Walter Haas. Before the pool was built, swimming took place down at the creek when a seasonal dam was put in place.
195207/13/52Lucie Stern Memorial pool is dedicated at Camp Royaneh
1953Admin Building at Royaneh is dedicated to Raymond O Hanson
195406/10/54Rangers Cabin is constructed next to parking area courtesy of Walter Haas
195409/03/5457 acres of additional land is purchased at Royaneh courtesy of Walter Haas
1954Maintenance and Storage shed built next to Rangers Cabin
1954Rangers Cabin built
1954Former parade grounds graded for use as Parking Lot, Rangers Cabin
195460 foot well is sunk next to East Austin creek to provide pure water for the camp courtesy of Walter Haas. Previously the water for the camp was drawn directly from the creek.
195604/21/56Scout Exposition is held at Cow Palace
195811/24/58Canoe base recreation hall is constructed (60’ x 40’) courtesy of Walter Haas. It includes a kitchen, laundry area, fireplace, toilets and showers,
1958Raymond Griggs becomes ranger at Lilienthal
1958Royaneh Lodge flap designed by Ross Heil Jr
1958Thunderbird becomes the new Royaneh mascot and logo replacing the Indian Chief
1960Family camp recreation building dedicated at Royaneh. This was used for families of scoutmasters with troops in camp.
1961Barn and Corral are dedicated. Prior to the Corral the area was formerly used as the Archery range for the camp.
1962Harvey Lee Price becomes Scout Executive of the San Francisco Council (1962 – 1964)
196310/11/63Sherwood J Hall of Las Vegas donates 16 acres of land near Russian Gulch to the San Francisco Council
196401/24/64Last official board meeting of San Francisco Council
196402/10/64San Francisco Council and Oakland Council merge to form the SFBACTreasure Island


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